Why Cannabis Is My Passion

People have become increasingly quick to judge and slow to love. When you share with someone that you use cannabis, brace yourself for their reaction. Try to look at their facial expression when you first tell them. Our body language gives away our true thoughts and emotions. We can’t fake the minutia of body language.

pain reliefI get all kinds of reactions. Some people are surprised that I use cannabis, but are glad to hear it because they do too. Others are more judgmental and think I’m flushing my life down the toilet. Those are the people whom I always take a mental note of. Not to be spiteful or leave dog poop on their porch, but to remind them of their ignorance after they come to their senses. It seems like some people won’t ever come to their senses, but I’ve seen a lot of people, who seemed staunchly anti-cannabis, change their opinion.

People Fail To Ask Why

The one question people fail to ask is: “Why?” They don’t think even for a second that there could be a legitimate use for cannabis, which is why they don’t ask why you use it. They don’t care why you use it. Their mind is already made up.┬áThe television said cannabis is bad, so it’s bad. That’s literally how people think when you break it down to it’s simplest form.

These judgers of men couldn’t tell you one fact about cannabis, or what it can effectively treat. All they know is being high is bad because they heard so. They’ve probably never even experienced what it’s like to be high, but they heard about it from somewhere.

If people were a little more open minded, they would simply ask, “why?”

It’s not that complex of a question, but it implies that there could be a valid reason to use cannabis. When they don’t think a valid reason exists, they wouldn’t ask why because they don’t care. They’ve already categorized everyone who uses cannabis as a druggie. It’s really sad because cannabis is less drug-like than man made drugs or pharmaceuticals and more medicinal.

Why I Love Cannabis

love ganjaI’ve gone through some dark times. Depression, anxiety, chronic pain, the works. When you go through times like that, it seems like it’ll last forever and there’s no way out. You can’t see the light and all hope is lost. I’ve literally laid in bed and napped for a month straight, only getting up to take my dogs out, eat an occasional meal, and reach for the bud.

Cannabis is the only thing that could put a smile across my face and get me to eat a hearty meal. I lost 20 lbs during that phase of my life. Without cannabis, I’m sure I would have lost more. Before I was depressed, I would use cannabis occasionally. I was never a “pothead” but I would toke up with a few close friends from time to time. If it wasn’t for opening up to cannabis, I’m not sure what I would have done in my darkest days.

Cannabis helped me get through what seemed like an everlasting dark situation. I knew if I could just make it through the day, I could eat,  smile, and laugh again during the night.

That’s why I love cannabis. It may have saved my life. Now I’ve transitioned mainly to CBD, but still toke up on occasion. I love being able to get the benefits without having to be high. Being high is great, but not during working hours. CBD is ideal for me for that very reason.

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