Water Soluble CBD Is All The Rage

If you’ve heard of CBD oil that is water soluble, you’ve heard wrong. There are CBD products that will dissolve in water, however they’re not oil based. A lot of internet know-it-alls have been dishing out misinformation on this topic. I want to put this nonsense to bed once and for all. Let me explain what these products truly are so you can make an educated buying decision and I’ll also share my favorite product with you.

Here’s the Scoop

confused about cbdI’m sure you’re aware of the estranged relationship between oil and water. These two knuckleheads don’t mix well and they hate being in the same container together. It’s been this way for years, as long as I’ve been alive at least. You’re probably also aware that your body is mostly water. According to the government, a males are composed of 60% water and a females are composed of 55% water (1).

So what happens when you take CBD oil if water and oil aren’t very fond of each other? Well, the science in regards to CBD is very young, but we can reasonably assume that not all of the cannabidiol will get absorbed by the body. Actually we don’t have to assume because we know water cannot fully mix with oil.

What Does It Mean For You

It means that when you’re taking, let’s say, 25mg of CBD oil, you’re body is not actually utilizing the full 25mg. Your body will never be able to utilize the full serving if it’s oil based(2). However, research still shows that even with water insoluble oils, cannabidiol still has be shown to have massive benefits. They don’t know exactly how much of it we’re utilizing, but they do know that’s it can be pretty low, depending on a bunch of factors that are unique to the person.

Everyone has differnt biochemistry and different habits, which can effect how much you actually absorb. No matter what, we’re not absorbing it all but we’re still getting a lot of benefits from the oil. Naturally, that brings us to another question.

Can I Absorb A Full Serving of Water Soluble CBD?

Well, since your body is mostly water you’ll be able to absorb the lion’s share of the CBD when it comes from a quality water soluble product. You won’t necessarily absorb 100%, but some companies have estimated that your body will use 90% of the CBD. They’ve gone even further and said that you body only uses about 10% of the oil based CBD.

Now you have to remember, these numbers are coming from companies that sell water-based CBD products. But even if their numbers are a little biased, the concept still holds true. With a water-based product, your body will be able to use several times the amount of an oil based products. You could potentially take a fraction of the CBD you’re taking now and get the same results.

This could result in a huge cost saving for you and your family and a better dietary supplement.

The Water-Based Advantage

cbd tincture

Using a water-based CBD product certainly has some unique advantages that could be a game changer for you. These benefits are not found in oil-based products. Oil products have a long list of benefits too, but most of those are shared by water products. We didn’t list any of those here, because I’m assuming you’re familiar with CBD in general. If you’re not, I apologize but I’m trying to limit the length of this article. If you’d like, you can learn more about the overall benefits of CBD here. Now let’s get to the distinct advantages that you’ll reap with the non oil-based products.

More Bioavailable

The most important advantage of water-based CBD products is the massively increased bioavailability. Your body won’t have to work nearly as hard to put the CBD to work. That means the CBD will get absorbed into your blood stream faster, giving you quicker results. These products can be taken in many ways, but if you use it sublingually you’ll get long lasting results as well.

Since we only take CBD for the benefits, it would make a lot of sense to use a type that your body can handle better. This is definitely the biggest benefit of non oil-based CBD products.

Save a Ton of Money

The next best advantage to these products is the price. They’re a whole heck of a lot more affordable. You’ll only pay a fraction of the price and get way more mg of cannabidiol. It’s a sweet deal if you ask me. It’s a little cheaper partially because it doesn’t come ready to consume.

The cheaper priced products are the powders, and you can save a bundle with them. They’re 99% CBD by volume which brings us to the next advantage.

Accurate Measurements

With powders, you can get very accurate measurements. This kind of accuracy is a lot hard to achieve when eyeballing a syringe. Since the powder is 99% CBD, a simple kitchen scale can give you really precise measurements of your serving. Once you figure out how much CBD is in a tsp, Tbsp, or whatever unit you’re using, you won’t need the kitchen scale again unless your serving is fractional.

Oil-based products are a little more guess work, especially when your serving doesn’t divide evenly by the lines on the syringe. If pinpoint accuracy is important to you, then this advantage is a must have.

Tasteless and Odorless

This is one of the biggest complaints about traditional CBD oil products. Some people just can’t stomach the flavor. The flavor largely depends on which company you purchase from, but overall it’s not pleasing to many people. I found this company to actually have pretty decent tasting oil, but some of the other oils I have tried are pretty nasty to be honest.

Another check mark in the water soluble column. This advantage is very big for many people. If you hate the flavor of CBD oil, or if you’ve ordered from a company that produces disgusting oil, you’ll be able to appreciate the tastelessness of the CBD powder. Usually, CBD oil is not a flavor I would put in my smoothie or pancake batter. But with a tasteless and odorless powder, you can get creative, which brings us to our last advantage.


CBD powder is one of the most versatile forms of cannabidiol in existence. I’m not exaggerating either. There isn’t much you can’t do with it. Wan’t to make a CBD cake? Easy. How about a smoothie? Done.

Since it’s tasteless, it can be mixed with your favorite recipes, be it dinner or dessert. It doesn’t mater, the possibilities are endless. You can also make a tincture and administer it sublingually. You can vape it in your dry herb vaporizer, or you can add it to your dab. It’s simple the most versatile CBD you’ll ever purchase.

Now that you are familiar with the ins and outs of water soluble vs oil forms of CBD, let’s take a look at a good powder.

My Favorite CBD Powder

water cbd powderThe best CBD powder I’ve come across is from a shop in Colorado. Colorado is a huge player in the hemp derived CBD industry, so it comes as no surprise that they have the best powder. It’s 99% CBD which makes it easy to measure, and it’s tasteless and odorless which makes it easy to consume and concoct.

Another thing about this powder that is good is the THC level, or lack of. It has zero THC. That means you don’t have to worry about a drug test showing up positive for THC even though your  CBD only had trace amounts. This powder doesn’t even have trace amounts. It has zilch, nada. So you’re all clear on that front. I probably should have listed that in the advantages section.

Lastly, it has stellar reviews, which is always helpful when deciding on which product to buy. I’m not alone in liking this product. Many people share my same sentiment on the benefits and value of this product.

You know I saved the best part for last. The price! For 1g of 99% CBD powder, you’ll only have to pay $44.99! Where else can you get Nearly 1,000 mg of CBD for only 45 bucks? Nowhere! That comes out to 4.5 ¢/mg, which is unheard of in the world of CBD oils. I personally pay 2-4x this price for oil, which is one of the reasons I went searching and found this powder. It’s a much better bargain.If you’re in the market for a good water soluble cannabidiol powder, this is a great option.

Click here to view this product on the vendors website and enjoy!


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