My Unfiltered Thoughts On Cannabis

pain reliefI’ve been thinking thoughts that I’ve been scared to share online for a long time now. Fear is the main reason I haven’t aired my thoughts out, even though that’s the main purpose blogs serve. They allow everyday people to air their thoughts out.

When I let fear stop me from exercising my right to free speech, I’m being un-American. I can’t let fear get in my way of expressing who I truly am. I don’t even know what I’m really afraid of. Maybe it’s that people will think I’m crazy or that nobody will feel the same way as me. And maybe both of those things are true, but why do I even care. Who cares! Here goes nothing!

What I Really Think of Cannabis

I’m just going to say it. I, honest to God, think cannabis is a miracle plant. It’s the only plant on earth that garners attention from all over the globe for its healing properties. Yeah, I don’t know if all the claims are real or not, but a lot of the stories seem too detailed to be make believe. Maybe my heart gets in the way of my logic, or maybe cannabis has been healing people left and right.

But I admit that I have no way of verifying the stories and acknowledge that they could be fake. The stories coincide with the research so they’re not that outlandish. They fall outside of the world’s current thought patterns, but they fall inside the research.

I’ve read some marijuana oil testimonials and some CBD reviews that make me wish everyone who could have a cannabis garden in their backyard. That would ensure there was enough cannabis to go around. People could grow marijuana or hemp, depending on which type of cannabis they liked best. Some people don’t like being high and others enjoy it. Who cares!

My Body, My Right

It’s your body and you should have the right to use any natural plant you come across. that’s how I feel about the whole drug debate. If it’s natural, I don’t think anyone should have the authority to tell us whether we can put it in our body or not. I think God put it on this planet for a reason, to heal the nations. If it’s evolution you believe, then it evolved over billions of years to be right here with us. I don’t care what you believe, we’re all human beings, no matter how we got here, and we should all love each other.

If everyone who could, grew cannabis, that would probably get rid of marijuana related crimes all together. Nobody steals something that’s as abundant as grass. There wouldn’t be a point to stealing it unless you’re just too lazy to grow your own which I guess is possible. Even with a few degenerates rolling around town, cannabis crimes would be reduced by a lot. Also, it would have the added benefit of putting the cartel out of business.

How will they be able to buy their weapons and afford basic necessities without drug money? They would be forced to get a job or starve. Jobs may not be all that plentiful where they live, so they’d have to move or take a lowly position. I’d love to see that rowdy bunch get put out of business. By keeping the cannabis laws how they are, it’s literally killing thousands of people each year. That’s insane. All for what? Arrogance, greed, stupidity, or maybe all of the above. It’s disgusting.

Recreational Marijuana Just Ain’t So

my thoughts weedI love that the tide is changing, but these recreational laws are ridiculous. There are so many strings attached that you still don’t really have the upper hand. Dispensaries have to jump through ridiculous hoops and you have limits on how much you can have on you and grow as well.

Most people will never reach the limits, so in that regard they’re alright. But on the other hand, it still shows who’s in control of nature and our lives. It’s sickening. I don’t see these restrictions on alcohol and tobacco. To start a recreational marijuana dispensary, you have to have cash falling out of your backside. To sell alcohol or tobacco, you need far lest investment capital.

The real tragedy is that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. That’s a bunch of bologna if I’ve ever seen it. So even when I’m abiding by my state laws, I can still be tossed in a federal prison; my freedom taken away over using a natural plant. Not a synthetic drug that I cooked in a lab, but a plant that has been on this earth fro many thousands of years, and maybe even millions of years. My freedom can be taken away for using this plant, even when it’s recreational in my state. Oh, and dispensaries can still be raided even when it’s recreational.

I don’t like all the loopholes and trap doors. It’s gross and needs to be remedied. Either it’s legal or it’s not. How is it both? This makes us vulnerable to rogue cops and new administrations.

Recreational is nothing but a buzzword.

I Love Canna-Blogging

I’m a regular human being and love being a contributor to a popular blog. It allows me to feel heard. Nobody in my family gives a darn about me because I’m different, but I know the people who visit this website have something in common with me. We all love cannabis for one reason or another and a lot of us are dealing with conditions, disorders, or diseases. These commonalities makes us something like friends. I like friends.

If you have some thoughts about marijuana, hemp, or CBD that you’d like to share, leave a comment or email us if you want to write your own blog post.

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