Tomfoolery In Malta: Synthetic CBD Oil Allowed But Not Natural Hemp Oil

maltaWhen I first caught wind of this story, I was taken aback by the sheer buffoonery. I couldn’t make sense of it, but maybe you can enlighten me.

Let’s set the scene. Malta is a small island in Europe that sits between the North African coast and Sicily. Being an Island, it’s citizen don’t have easy access to the outside world. In countries like the United States, plenty of influence comes from being connected to other countries. But in Malta, there’s 58 miles of water separating it from the nearest country.

In this small island, marijuana is very illegal and comes with harsh punishment. If you are caught with marijuana and it’s for personal use, you can serve up to 10 years in prison, like Daniel Holmes, and be forced to pay a fine as high as €23,500. This is the harshest penalty for personal use, with the lower end being three months in prison and a fine of €470 (1).

CBD Products Banned As Well

no pure oilIn Malta, CBD products happen to be banned also, even if they are derived from hemp. This is where it gets interesting, and just flat out silly.

Recently, a pharmaceutical company, Associated Drug Company (ADC), has arranged for their synthetic CBD oil to be legally imported into Malta. To import their drug, they needed a signature from a specialist, which they succeeded in getting. A well-known oncologist, Nick Refalo, provided the signature needed to import the drug.

He further stated that he provided the signature because there is scientific proof that the synthetic CBD oil works, unlike with natural CBD oil…

This is where I just had to laugh to prevent myself from blowing a gasket. The fact that the drug company is creating a synthetic version of CBD oil implies that CBD oil works. Why would you create a synthetic version of something that didn’t work? This is buffoonery.

And claiming that there is “scientific proof” that the synthetic version works, but there is no proof the natural version works is ridiculous. I would go out on a limb and say that there are more studies done on CBD oil in general than on that company’s one drug. I guess he just hasn’t read the literature, but it’s definitely there.

ADC may have done a few studies on their drug, but I’d be really surprised if they’ve done more studies than I’ve read on CBD all together.

the scary truth

Stating The Terrifying Truth

Here’s the truth that some companies are deathly afraid of. People who use CBD often times stop taking their pharmaceuticals. It’s a fact.

Just a couple paragraphs lower in the article I read, they shared another doctors experience with natural CBD oil. Maltese family physician, Andrew Agius, said that several of his patients are no longer taking their “daily cocktail of pills” thanks to natural CBD oil (3).

Judging from Dr. Agius’s verbiage, “daily cocktail of pills,” he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who sold out to big pharmaceutical companies. I don’t know how oncologists are paid in Malta, but here in the US they get a kickback of the drugs they prescribe. I call it a kickback, other people may call it a rebate or reimbursement. The sad part is, I have never met a cancer patient who knew their oncologist’s income was directly tied to the drugs they prescribed. Sounds like something that should be openly disclosed to patients in my opinion, but what do I know.

If the payment system in Malta is anything like it is in the US, of course they don’t want people to drop the pharmaceuticals. That would be akin to saying don’t pay me. Again, I want to stress that I’m speculating here because I don’t know how they get paid in Malta. I’m not claiming that this is the motive of the oncologist who provided the signature. But if you want to know why they can import a synthetic version of CBD oil and not the real thing, then just follow the money trail. It works in every country.

Just follow the money and you’ll know why laws are the way they are. If the mainstream population in any pharmaceutical-based medicine country caught wind of CBD, several pharma companies would be forced to downsize or declare bankruptcy because they would loose so many lifetime customers.

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