Rick Simpson THC Cannabis Oil

pure cbd concentrateCan you really buy THC oil online today? I wouldn’t be too fast to hand your money over to anybody with a website. Plenty of people have emailed me telling me how they got scammed. They want me to help them but there’s nothing I can do in such a situation.

When you buy products via money order, you buying it on trust. You have no protection, especially when the products are illegal. If you do happen to find a company that will actually ship the product, still be careful. People will sometimes ship small quantities of products in hopes of you placing a larger order. Once the larger order comes, they run off with your money. It’s happened to me before in a different industry.

I’m not telling you what to do with your money, just warning you about all the ridiculous scams going on in this industry. If you do decide to place an order online, always search the name of the company + scam in your favorite search engine. I know so many people who could have saved themselves a bunch of money and heartache if they would have done that simple step.

Lastly, there is an alternative to marijuana oil that could be of use to you. It comes from the hemp plant and is basically like weed without the THC. It has much higher CBD content, which is one of the most therapeutic cannabinoids that scientists have studied. Looking into the benefits of CBD oil could be worth your time, and I shared a link to my personal supplier at the bottom of this article.

Benefits of Cannabis Oil

This documentary explains the benefits of THC oil way better than I ever could. Seriously, this is a must watch documentary. It doesn’t matter if you’re considering buying weed oil or not. Someone you know is probably in need of this due to its therapeutic benefits. Checkout this documentary to see the amazing results Rick Simpson has achieved with it.

Unparalleled Purity via CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is also called supercritical fluid extraction. Without getting into too much detail, let me tell you how it works and why I like it better than the Rick Simpson method. Basically, they force a harmless compound (CO2) through the cannabis plant. This has to be done at a very high pressure and precise temperatures in order to work. When this process is done properly, the matter in the cannabis plant can be separated and isolated, leaving you with amazingly pure cannabis oil.

The result is a product that is as pure as can be. When you have ultra pure products, the potency is much better than solvent-based products. Whether you’re buying THC or CBD-based products, I would recommend getting it only if it has been extracted with CO2. Other methods use abrasive alcohol-based solvents which actually destroy some of the cannabinoids, which weakens the oil. Also, there’s a good chance some of the solvent will remain in the oil which you will then ingest.

Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid

THC Oil SaleThe THC oil for sale comes in Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa. I am a big fan of the Indica-based products. The main thing I use cannabis for is pain management. The Indica provides a nice body high and relieves me of the back pain that has been plaguing me for years. For that, I am so freaking grateful for cannabis and other natural remedies that I am able to use.

With that said, I wouldn’t recommend the Indica syringe if you are going to be using it during the day and are new to cannabis. You might want to try a hybrid or sativa. You can’t go wrong with sativa during the day. Hybrid can go either way.

I learned it like this. Indica will have you “in-da-couch.” Sativa will have you “salivating.” That’s just an easy way to remember that Indica is chill and sativa is more uppy and can give you a mean appetite. Indica can be used during the day when you know your dose. I personally use Indica all through out the day, but use a lighter dose for daytime.

Warning For Beginners

Be cautious if this is your first time trying cannabis. I’d recommend starting with something a little more beginner friendly. You can’t go wrong with an edible that’s separated by the amount of THC. Something like a pack of Rainbow Worms that’s 10 mg per piece makes it really easy to find your proper dose. Just please medicate responsibly if you decide to use the honey THC oil. It can be easy to use too many drops.

The good thing is, even if you do blow it your first time, you’ll just be really really high. It’s not the worst thing in the world but it does perpetuate the stoner stereotype. If we’re going to get recreational cannabis in all 50 states (yes I do think it’ll happen, but maybe not in my lifetime), we have to be ultra responsible, especially when we’re going to be in public. If you’re playing around with your dose, do it when you’re in for the night. This stuff can last for several hours. You’d be surprised. It’s a lot different than smoking.

Ordering Online?

You can only order it online if you live in a state that has marijuana delivery services. If you don’t live in a state that has recreational or medical marijuana laws, then I suggest you try CBD oil. CBD comes from the hemp plant and shares a lot of the same benefits of marijuana. If what you’re planning on using the oil for requires THC, then you won’t be able to get the same benefits with CBD because it doesn’t have much THC. It has trace levels of THC, but not enough to get a therapeutic effect.

I recommend researching the benefits of CBD to see if it could help you. If not, then you might have to make your own THC oil or move to state with better laws so you can get the products you deserve. If you’re thinking about trying CBD, here’s my recommended CBD supplier. They have very strong oil and it is very effective for my chronic pain.


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