How To Take CBD Oil

  1. Squeze the oil onto your finger.
  2. Rub the oil under your tongue.
  3. Let it sit there for at least 2 minutes.
  4. Swallow it.

Video Demonstration

Other Forms of CBD

As you can see from the video above, using a CBD oil paste is very simple. In case you don’t want to execute fine motor movements, there are other types of CBD products that you can use that are even easier to administer. The organic paste is one of the best types you can use in terms of effectiveness, but there are some other really good products on the market as well.

Tincture – Fast, Long Lasting, and Strong

These come in little dropper bottles and can be administered sublingually, similarly to the oil paste. Before using a tincture, give it a good shake because they can separate easily. If you don’t shake it up, you will not be able to calculate your dose accurately. After shaking, put a couple drops under your tongue and let it sit for at least two minutes. It will go directly to your bloodstream via your capillaries, just like with the paste. The paste, as demonstrated in the video above, and tinctures provide the longest lasting relief because the CBD bypasses digestion and goes straight to your blood stream.

Isolate – Most Versatile and Zero THC

water cbd powderThis form of CBD is 99% pure CBD and comes in crystalline or powder form. It’s very versatile and allows you to do a lot with it. You can mix it in almost anything you can think of, as long as it has water to help liquefy the isolate. Without water, you could find yourself munching on a crystal sandwich, which wouldn’t be much fun. You can also add isolate to your dab or dry herb vape device. It is truly the most versatile form of CBD on the market. The other big benefit to using an isolate is that it has zero THC since it’s 99% CBD. You don’t have to worry about the trace levels of THC triggering a zero tolerance drug test.

Capsules – Portable and Convenient

In my opinion, capsules are the second most convenient form of CBD on the market. They’re so easy to use, you don’t even need me to explain it. You unscrew the lid, put a capsule in your mouth, and swallow it using all the tricks you learned as a kid. They take a while to kick in because they have to journey through your digestive system first. Wait 45-60 minutes before deciding if you need a bigger serving. If after an hour you still feel that you need another capsule, go for it.

Edibles – Most Convenient, Portable, and Delicicious

cbd gummy wormsThe most convenient form of CBD is edibles. They are just slightly more convenient than capsules because they’re easier to consume and much easier to split. The splitting is the real advantage. With capsules, you might be forced to take too much if the servings of the capsule aren’t your exact serving. With edibles, you can easily split them into any fractional increment, allowing you to dose with precision. They are the same as capsules in regards to how long they take to kick in. They must be digested so it can take up to an hour to feel the effects.

Vape – Fastest Delivery Time

While vaping isn’t as convenient as edibles or capsules, it wins the battle for the fastest delivery. When you vape CBD, you feel it nearly instantly. Just a few short minutes later, you’ll be feeling the full effects. The cannabinoids are able to easily pass through the thin tissue in your lungs to enter into your bloodstream. This process takes a few mere minutes. The downside to the vape is the effects only last 2-3 hours, whereas the edibles last around 4-6 hours and the sublingually administered types last upwards of 6 hours.


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