Study Finds CBD Increases In Vapor

I was reading a study and a couple things stood out to me as super interesting. The purpose of the study was to analyze the CB1 binding activity and the vapor and smoke from Cannabis Sativa L. On the surface, this sounds like a boring study and one that most people would skip over. The title doesn’t have a specific medical condition in it so it can easily fly under the radar. But when I dug into the content of the study, I found a few interesting nuggets of information.

Link to full study.

Nugget #1

The first, and most interesting tidbit I found was the amount of CBD that was in the vapor they tested. They used “Cannabis sativa L. (cannabis) extracts” in a Volcano vaporizer to produce the vapor. When they tested it, they noticed something odd.

The amount of CBD in the vapor was more than the amount of CBD in the original extract.

extra cbd in vapor

This means that when vaping CBD, you could be getting more CBD than the extract’s lab results indicate. I found this to be super interesting and would love to see further studies done on this same subject matter. Right now it would be premature to say that vaping produces more CBD. You could say that it potentially does, but more studies need to be done before this is stated as fact. But this makes me feel good about vaping.

The type of vaporizer they used is a high end, $600 device that uses convection to heat up the plant material. Does it work the same way on the little CBD vape cartridge I use, I have no idea. Testing the vape cartridges would be a lot harder than testing with a Volcano. The Volcano has a fan that pushes the air through the extract and collects the air in a bag/balloon. With cartridges, you actually have to inhale on them in order for them to produce vapor. That would be tougher to test, but it’s still possible.

Nugget #2

The second piece of information that I thought was really interesting was about the difference between cannabis vapor and cannabis smoke. Some people may call this common sense, but I don’t take any findings for granted. It’s always nice to have hard science to backup our convictions based on basic logic.

vapor better for you

So the way I interpret what they’re saying is, it’s much better to vape than to smoke. That’s something we all kind of just know, since we know breathing in smoke is unhealthy. But did you know smoke degrades the cannabinoids?

I always thought lighting bud on fire is what activated the THC, and that line of thinking is correct. It does activate the THC. But what I didn’t know was that it also causes pyrolytic degradation, lessening the effects of my bud. Smoking has always felt a little harsh to me, so I found myself vaping more often than not. The effects from a dab or dry herb vaporizer just feel much more clean and intense to me. Now I know why. I used to think it was all in my head.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you want to medicate with marijuana, get high, or use CBD, vaping is a far better option than smoking. When your friends are passing around a blunt, you have a scientific reason to decline and pull our your vape pen. Blunts have tobacco, so you actually have a lot of reasons to pass on a blunt. If it’s a joint, it’s still smoking so it’s not as good as vaping, but at least it doesn’t have any tobacco.

When I’m visiting my family and friends back in my hometown, heck yeah I join in a fat joint circle. But when I’m at home, I opt to vape 100% of the time. I used to own a gas mask and a beautiful Bob Marley bong when I lived in a LA. If I still lived there, I would definitely smoke a lot more. Those were my favorite ways to smoke. Gosh I miss that bong. I’m not anti-smoking by any means, but I’m super pro vaping due to the cleaner draw and effects. The possibility of it producing more CBD is a nice bonus also, but it’s not what converted me to vaping.

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