Shots Fired! The FDA Isn’t Messing Around

Selling CBD oil that doesn’t have the proclaimed amount of CBD is all too common. It’s akin to selling snake oil, and is really hurting the CBD industry. I’ve been a victim of such marketing myself. I’ll admit it. I’ve even bought products that were branded as CBD products but the supplement facts said 1mg cannabidiol. I didn’t read the supplement facts before purchasing.

Sometimes it’s the consumers fault like when I didn’t read the label carefully, but many other times it’s the company’s fault. These companies are claiming that their products have hundreds of milligrams of cannabidiol. We have no way of proving them wrong, so we believe them. We spend thousands of dollars on these self-proclaimed CBD products, and what’s the result?

Well, the FDA tested a handful of products in February of 2016, and the results were shocking.

FDA CBD Test Results


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