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If you’re wondering what’s the deal with a lab purporting to have some of the strongest CBD on the market, you’re not alone. You’re probably used to everyone claiming to be the best at what they do. It’s a pretty standard marketing pitch. I’ve yet to see a company claim to be the second best at anything. The real questions to be answered about Pure Science Lab are: is their CBD oil legit and does it work? Also, can you shop their safely and securely? Those are the main things I think about before trying a company I’ve never tried before. So let’s see if PSL makes the cut. Or you can click here to skip straight to the coupon.

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Are They Legit

This question address a huge problem in the CBD market. So many companies are selling bogus products and claiming they’re “high-quality” CBD oil. The FDA blew the lid on several of these companies in this report. They tested products for CBD content and a lot of them had less than 5% of what they were claiming. People were buying what they thought was a 100mg product, but really it only had 2.4mg of CBD. That’s not even one serving by anyone’s standards. So when someone comes to me and asks if a company is legit, I totally understand why they would be weary of a company, especially one with an outdated website.

The answer to this question is, yes, they’re a legit company with very strong CBD oil. They’ve actually been around for over 3 years. Obviously they don’t have the best branded site in the world. I mean goodness gracious it’s a rough looking site. But that tells you one thing, they’re still in business because of the quality of their oil. You’e not going to visit their site and say, “This site looks so amazing their product must be good. Let me try it out and see.” No way José.

The only way you’d give them a shot is if you had a recommendation from someone who has tried their oil. Word of mouth advertising must have been effective enough to keep them in business for over three years. That should tell you something about their products. In my personal opinion, they have some of the best products online. At least they’re the best I’ve come across. There are a lot of fake oils on the market, but theirs are legit. My personal favorite is the gummy worms. They’re delicious and provide powerful relief.

Does their CBD oil even work?

PSL test resultsWell, I believe so but I’m not you. You know how plants are, one person can get one result and another person could get nada. Honestly, the best way to answer this question is to place a small order to see if their oil resonates with your body chemistry. The key here is placing a small order so you don’t wager the farm so to speak. I don’t really bet big on my first purchase unless I have someone vouching for the quality and I have a one time discount. If I don’t have a one time discount, I usually place a small order. But with a one off discount, I will buy a bigger order to try and get the most mileage from the coupon.

In my opinion, their oil is legit and is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for some real CBD oil. Look at the test results for confirmation of how strong their oils are.

Pure Science Lab Rating
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Other than their website being so ugly, I really don’t have much to complain about. The strength of their CBD is the best on the market right now and their lab results are fantastic. The price/mg is also one of the best deals on the market. As long as they keep their CBD strong and the prices where they are, I won’t give them too much crap about their website. If you’re looking for a good deal on some super strong CBD oil, you’ve found it.

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What shoud I get for [insert condition]?

C’mon, you know I can’t answer that question. CBD is a dietary supplement and it cannot be sold for a specific condition. It can only be sold as a general supplement. However, many people have reported that it’s helped them with a lot of different conditions and there’s research to support those claims. Two products in PSL’s inventory stand out to me. One of them is their best seller and I’m assuming the other is a close second based on the testimonials on their site.

400mg or 1000mg Oil Paste

820mg pure cbd oilIf you’re looking for the strongest product, go with their pure oils. They come in a syringe and are fairly easy to administer. You just pop off the cap and squirt the desired amount on your finger and rub it under your tongue. You also can squirt it directly under your tongue if you can see the syringe measurements. A mirror can help with that. If you find the oil to be too runny to put on your finger, then put it in the fridge. That’ll thicken it up a bit. When it’s cold and thick it’s easier to put on your finger.

The oil is the strongest because it goes directly to your blood stream. By holding it under your tongue, it is absorbed by your capillaries and enters the blood stream. Because of this direct access to your blood stream, the effects come on strong and will also last longer than other methods. If you’re looking for the strongest effects, go with one of Pure Science Lab’s organic CBD Oil syringes. They’re also wonderfully affordable compared to other companies.

Good Vibes Gummies

cbd gummy wormsThis product is their best selling product. The two phone numbers at the top of their website are the numbers of the co-owners. Call them and they’ll be glad to tell you which product is the most popular. The Good Vibes Gummies are a big hit with everyone, me included. They’re just so easy to take, a lot easier than the oil paste. The oil goes straight to your bloodstream so it’s stronger and lasts a little longer, but the gummies are way more convenient. But like I said above, if you’re looking for the strongest formula, go with the pure oils.

The gummies are not weak by any means, but they have to be digested before the CBD enters your blood stream. That process makes it take a little longer for you to feel the results. Once the CBD kicks in, it puts me in my happy place. The name, Good Vibes, is really perfect for a CBD product. I definitely like the vibes the gummy worms give off. If you’re in the market for a convenient form of CBD and don’t want to have to use the syringe, then this would be your best bet. Also, they’re extremely well priced when you compare the value with other companies. You’re definitely getting a good bang for you buck here.

Customer Reviews

I grabbed some reviews from a couple oils on their website so you can have them in one convenient place. Since the oils are all listed separately, it can be a pain trying to click each oil to read the reviews. The oil in the bulk syringes is the same oil in the single syringes, so it’d be nice to be able have all the customer feedback in one place.

PSL testimonials

That’s just a few of them. To read more, you’ll have to click on each product to see what people are saying about it. Overall, I’d say it looks like people are pleased with the products. These are the kinds of testimonials I’ve come to expect from quality CBD companies.

Short reviews usually happen when a company emails you saying, “Hey can you write a quick message telling everyone how you liked our product?” There’s nothing wrong with that, but those are the customers that usually write a sentence or two saying the product is pretty good or it was just okay. I do it all the time lol. I’m really bad about leaving reviews so I don’t really do it until I get an email reminder. However, longer testimonials make me feel more comfortable with buying a product because exuberant customers often like to write a whole paragraph or two. I’ve done it on several occasions, but only when I’m truly happy with a product or even a bit surprised by the excellent quality. I don’t do it often though. So seeing people write paragraphs is always a good sign, assuming the paragraphs are of a positive nature. I’ve also seen people tear a company to shreds in long thought out paragraphs. The reviews on Pure Science Lab’s website are mostly positive.


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Visit Pure Science Lab and use a coupon to save a bundle. Give their products a try and you will be happy you did.

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Hardina - September 29, 2017 Reply

I tried their pain cream and worked good on my chronic knee and neck pain

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