New Study Links THC To Reducing Risk of Stroke

The US has a Stroke problem, that’s no secret. Strokes claim about 384 lives per day in the states with tons more people having them (1). Roughly 2,178 people per day have a stroke. It comes as no surprise that this is the third leading cause of death in America, and rates in the south are far higher than anywhere else. Given the alarming statistics, there should be millions of people who are interested in a recent study published in the journal of Neuropsychopharmacology.

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Chronic Marijuana Use And Stroke

Growing up, I thought using marijuana would result in “frying” my brain. This fried-egg brain was what I saw in commercials and DARE propaganda. I was scared of weed and potheads. I thought it would permanently damage my brain, leaving me stupid and mentally impaired. Or so they said….

A recent study was just published by the Center for BrainHealth at UT Dallas that does not support the “weed frying your brain” theory. In fact, it shows that it can be beneficial for brain health. During the study, they monitored the blood and oxygen flow to the brain and the oxygen metalization of the brain in 74 chronic marijuana users and 101 non-users. The chronic marijuana users showed an increased blood flow and oxygen supply to certain areas of the brain.

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A stroke happens when your brain is not getting enough blood (2). Without blood, your brain will not be able to get enough oxygen and it will slowly start to die, cell by cell. It can result in permanent brain damage, leading to loss of functionality and even death. Well, using marijuana habitually can increase the oxygen flow to your brain. THC has a relaxing affect on your arterial walls, helping to improve blood flow.

Surprise Surprise

study leaderThe results may come as a surprise to many, but after reading a lot of research, nothing about the health benefits of marijuana or CBD surprises me. If there ever was a miracle plant, this is it. I don’t really like to call it a miracle plant, because it makes it sound too good to be true. The health benefits of cannabis are very real and duplicable. Thousands of people world wide have been reporting similar benefits from cannabis.

It’s time mainstream society takes its blinders off. There needs to be a program put in place to reverse the mass brainwashing that was an effect war on drugs. Of course, that will never happen as life in a bureaucratic society is always a lot more complicated than simply showing the world how great something is and hoping for change. The fact that the government is still harassing people and raiding homes in states that have legalized recreational marijuana says it all.

We have an uphill battle just to be able to use a plant that has been used by societies for thousands of years. Just being in the loop and aware of the benefits of marijuana has taught me a valuable lesson. Take nothing for granted. In a country like America, we are taught that we have inalienable rights. One of which is the pursuit of happiness. It seems to me that marijuana should be included in the pursuit of happiness. It allows people who are suffering to live a less painful existence. Sometimes even allowing people to live like a normal human being. And furthermore, it can reduce your risk of stroke by increasing cerebral blood flow. Yup, sounds like the pursuit of happiness to me.

Weed Is Awesome

Even though I’ve converted to CBD as my daily life saving supplement, it doesn’t mean that weed is any less awesome. I just don’t have as easy and legal access to weed as I did in LA. If I did, I would still use it. It gave me the ability to live what I call a “normal life.” I think the norm is actually to be in pain or dealing with some kind of ailment. Maybe I should find another phrase. But what cannabis in general, CBD and marijuana, have done for me is nothing short of incredible. I couldn’t imagine not being able to use them or be spending my life in jail because I chose to use marijuana several times. Nothing is to little or too big to be appreciated. So grateful for cannabis.

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