How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work

There’s only one way to know for sure how long it takes for a particular type of CBD to kick in, try it. There are a lot of factors that determine when you will feel the effects.

cbd structureHowever, there are some general guidelines that will give you a good estimate on what to expect. Just remember, these are just guidelines and are not set in stone time frames. Your metabolism and tolerance will play a huge role in this. Luckily, your tolerance for CBD will not increase with use (1). Wherever it is now is where it will likely stay according to the current body of research.

Estimates For Different Types of CBD

Before we get into the estimates, we need to make one thing clear. What determines if the oil is “working” or not, is different for everyone. What you’re using the oil for also plays a major role in the time it takes to “work.” Someone who is using CBD to alleviate a light symptom will find it working faster than someone who is using it an in effort to overcome a serious illness. So with that in mind, we’re going to cover how long it takes for the oil to reach the bloodstream after your initial serving. That’s when most people will experience some effects.

Vaping or Dabbing

cbd vape cartridgeInhaling CBD is the fastest way to get your desired effect. It’s the fastest because it enters your blood stream directly from the lungs (2). This allows the CBD to start working very fast. We’re talking minutes here. When you vape CBD, it can start working within 5-10 minutes. If you’re taking monster rips off a dab rig, you’ll feel it almost immediately.

The most common forms of inhaling CBD are vaping and dabbing. There are tons of different ways to accomplish this, such as shatter, isolate, wax, CBD cartridges, or e-juice. For beginners, I’d recommend a CBD vape kit because they’re the easiest to use. The rest of the products have a small to medium learning curve.


This is one of the faster methods. Onset time can be as fast as 15 minutes. Around the 20-30 minute range, you can rest assured that the cannabinoids have reached the blood stream. This method is so fast because the CBD takes a shortcut to your bloodstream and bypasses your digestive system. It’s absorbed by the capillaries in your mouth, which transports the cannabidiol directly to your bloodstream. The highest concentration of capillaries are in your cheeks and under your tongue. It’s hard to hold oil in your cheeks given the small amount, so I’d recommend putting it under your tongue.

CBD paste, liposomes, and tinctures are some of the most common types of sublingually administered oils.


elixinol cbd penWhen you consume CBD orally, it’s the slowest method. The cannabinoids have to travel all the way through your digestive system before reaching your blood stream. This can take anywhere from 20 minutes if you have a super fast metabolism, all the way to and hour if your metabolism is on the slower side. My metabolism is on the slower side, so it usually takes about 45-60 minutes before I feel the effects.

The most popular forms of orally administered CBD are capsules and various types of edibles. CBD isolate is rising in popularity as well, but hasn’t eclipsed the popularity of capsules and edibles just yet.

Don’t Forget

One thing that you should remember is that we are not doctors. This whole article is merely our opinion, based on our research. We didn’t go through 8 years of schooling to gain knowledge of the human body. We read books, articles, and studies, and that’s where some of our opinions comes from. The other portion comes from real-world experience.

We use CBD ourselves and know how long it takes for us to feel it. Your body is unique, and it is possible that your onset time can fall out of the normal range. If it does, don’t freak out. Just be patient. If you never feel anything, you may need a larger serving or a different brand of oil. But remember, the effects are subtle. It’s nothing like being high. For me, it’s a subtle calming and easing of pain that lets me know it’s working.

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