Legal CBD Edibles Review

The legal CBD market is in the crapper. So many companies are taking advantage of customers due to the confusion between all the different kinds of cannabis oils.

I’ve seen everything from people getting high unexpectedly from their CBD oil, to people being sold a bottle of nearly useless oily stuff. The consequences of both extremes can be severe, depending on your situation. If you’re at work and all the sudden you’re high as a kite, that could be the end of your career there. Spending hundreds of dollars on a bottle of CBD-less oil is not good for your lifestyle or your bank account. Some people are making big sacrifices to get this stuff, but it’s all in vain when your edibles or oil is nothing but a glorified bottle of moisturizer.

Get Real CBD

The solution to the fake CBD epidemic is simple, get real, legal edibles.

If you’re buying CBD that comes from marijuana, it’s actually illegal unless you live in a state with rec or medical MJ. Even then, it’s still illegal at a federal level. Edibles cannot be shipped legally at all. They can only be delivered by courier. To abide by the law, it’s better to get CBD that was derived from the hemp plant. It’ll also prevent any unwanted psychoactive effects that come along with THC.

The Best CBD Edibles On The Market

delicious ediblesI have settled on a line of delicious gummy candies that I’ve been pretty impressed with. They are just as tasty as they are effective. I freaking love them. I’ve had a lot of decent edibles, but none that have been as effective as these. They’re pretty strong in terms of the effectiveness, and have a great consistency and flavor.


What I’m most impressed with about these is their hidden strength. They’re 15mg each, but I don’t give much weight to the numbers. It’s all about how it makes me feel. I’ve seen a lot of big numbers on packages, but I didn’t feel anything. With these, one gummy is enough to start feeling it, and two is enough on the days where I need more relief.

I call it hidden strength, because I can’t taste the CBD at all. If it had a strong cannabis-like taste, I would expect the effects to be strong. It doesn’t, so I was actually surprised when the effects came on so strong. I give the gummies 5/5 stars in the potency category.

Delicious Taste

I’ve already talked about this a little bit, but I guess it deserves its own section. The flavor is phenomenal! That’s the next best thing after the strength. They taste just like regular candy, but better in my opinion. They’re infused with oil, so they have a little oiliness to them that I really like. They break apart very easily when chewing them. They’re nothing like those dry, hard-to-chew gummies. I can’t stand those. These are nice and moist and are just absolutely delicious.

I know I’m going on and on, but I can’t stress how good these are enough. You might need a guardian to administer them for you so you don’t down the whole bottle. They’re that good.


I never really thought about the size being a factor until I started looking for a legit supplier. Never crossed my mind.

These gummies are like super-sized. They’re pretty big, and thick. The gummy worms are about 3-4 inches, and girthy. I’m really happy about the size because that lessens the temptation to eat more than I need. That was something that used to worry me because I’ve always had a sweet tooth. Being honest, yeah I may have had an extra one a few times, but I’m doing pretty good overall. The big size really helps with that. It’s a very satisfying serving.

My Struggle

My personal situation is mainly chronic pain and depression. I get anxious every now and then, but I attribute the anxiety to the pain and depression. When I’m not feeling hopeless or in pain, I’m not anxious. I have real bad back pain. It can be debilitating. It hurts almost all of the time, but sometimes it’ll get sharp pains which make it hard to move. It stops me in my tracks every time that happens. I have one bad knee which gives me problems whenever I do anything semi-active and weight baring, like climb a flight of stairs. It doesn’t hurt all the time like my back, but it prevents me from doing anything remotely active.

My neck gives me problems. I’ll wake up in excruciating pain if I don’t sleep just right. It’s really prone to getting bad cricks and has a tender spot near the base. I also have been battling depression. It’s something I just can’t fully understand. Like, I know I’m depressed but why can’t I just change it? It’s a really weird thing. Knowing that I have a tendency to fall into a hopeless state, I’ve been trying to prevent it from happening but the smallest things can trigger it for me.

They’re made by a company in Florida.

My First Time Trying Pure Science

This was the first product that I tried from Pure Science Lab and I was very impressed. I hadn’t heard of them, so I was apprehensive about buying. Their website looked like they built it themselves, and they didn’t have many reviews. I called them to try and get a feel for their company. A guy with a roaring voice answered the phone. I keep forgetting his name, but he was really helpful. He was kind of restrictive with what he said, but I figured it would be like that based on the industry. Companies have to be careful not to make claims or else they could get shut down and sued.

He did tell me that they use 100% organic European hemp to make their products. The guy even directed me to their test certificate which was on the homepage of their website. He was patient with me and answered almost all my questions and was reassuring. I was just happy to know that these were real people, and not some scam operators who were using a fuzzy VOIP phone.


Since you made it this far in the article, I’m sure you can guess my verdict. These get my seal of approval with flying colors.

The flavor is just as good as the regular gummy worms, their size is an added bonus, and the strength is unparalleled in the industry. They’re also priced lower/mg than all the other big companies. If you can’t afford the big pack, get the small pack. The smaller pack is priced at the industry standard, but the big pack is a steal.

If you’re in the market for a legal cannabis treat that could potentially help you live a less-painful, higher quality of life, I highly recommend these gummies.

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