How To Hide The Smell of Your Dank Weed

There are a bunch of different ways and reasons you may need to hide the smell of your weed. If you don’t want to reek for whatever reason, there are some surefire ways to keep the smell at bay. You can also store your bud in ways that make the strong dank aroma unnoticeable to the human nose.

drug dogPeople don’t have an extraordinary sense of smell and you can easily keep them from sniffing you out. Dogs, on the other hand, can smell like their life’s depended on it. These methods are for tricking people, not dogs. If you’re trying to hide it from a dog, you got your work cut out for you. They have an amazing sense of smell which can detect particles into the parts per trillion range. Their sense of smell is over 40 times stronger than ours, and that’s on a bad day (1). So just keep that in mind if you’re in the business of tricking dogs.

But if you’re just trying to enjoy some bud and not have to worry about people jumping down your throat, we’ve got you covered.

Make Everything A One-Hitter

This comes as common sense for some, but it wasn’t for me. One of the ways people reek up a room is by loading up their bowls. When you load up a bowl, there’s going to be a sizable amount of weed leftover, still burning. This leftover burning bud will continue to smell up your room even after you’re done with your hit.

To avoid this, treat each one of your smoking devices like it’s a one hitter. Obviously this doesn’t apply to joints and blunts, but works great with just about anything else. When you’re ripping the bong, make sure to put just enough bud in there for you. By doing this, you’ll burn it out with just one hit. This will prevent it from continuing to burn and emit smoke into the room or on your clothes. Even if you’re outside, this is still a good tip to follow. Smoking outside can still leave you clothes smelling like it. Smoke loves to cling to things.

Make A Homemade Sploof

homemade air filterThere are two types of sploofs you can use, homemade and commercial grade. Both of them work, but the commercial grade ones work better.

To make a homemade sploof, all you need is a rubber band, a toilet tissue roll, and some dryer sheets. You can also use a plastic bottle instead of a toilet tissue roll and it’ll work even better. If using a toilette tissue roll, use the rubber band to secure several dryer sheets on one end of the roll. Stuff the roll with several more dryer sheets.

The art to making a good sploof is using as many dryer sheets as you can, but still allowing air to flow through the roll. If you use too many, the air won’t make it through and will come back out your end. Blow the smoke slowly through the sploof for the best odor removing effects.

If you’re making it with a plastic bottle, just poke a few holes through the bottom of the bottle. The holes will slowdown the airflow and make the bottle work better than the tissue roll. Next, stuff the bottle with dryer sheets. Use a rubber band to fix several sheets around the bottom of the bottle. You’re all set!

If you want your sploof to be more legit, order some activated charcoal off amazon and put it in the bottle. That would set it off!

Commercial Grade Sploofs

hide smellI can’t recommend these enough. They’re fantastic! Commercial grade sploofs work by using a combination of two filters. One of the filters is a 99.7% effective HEPA air filter. These filters are badass and do an excellent job with weed smoke all on their own.

What makes sploofs even more effective is the second filter. The other filter layer is composed of activated charcoal, also called activated carbon. you can hear it moving around when you shake the sploof. Activated charcoal is one of the best filters ever discovered. It can filter particles that HEPA air filters can’t.

Activated charcoal works by adsorbing volatile organic compounds (smoke), odors, and gases that can range all the way down to 0.001 microns and even smaller. These little carbon chunks are really what give the commercial sploof a massive advantage over the homemade ones. If you need to make sure the smell goes bye bye, this is your best bet.

Store Bud In A Mason Jar

If you want to hide the smell of your weed wherever you’re storing it, then store it in an airtight container. There are several different types of airtight containers, including the weird medical ones you get at the dispensary.

I like to use mason jars personally, just like they do at the dispensary. This keeps the wonderful aroma from gallivanting around your room. Although you may like the smell, other people may have their head up their tail and can’t handle the smell.

If you want to take it up a notch, then put your mason jar inside a Ziploc bag full of something aromatic, like mints or coffee grounds. That’s enough to throw off any human being from smelling your bud.

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