How To Smoke Shatter

Too potent for many stoners, shatter is known for its one hit KO capabilities. It’s one of my favorite ways to smoke because it’s the most potent and pure extract, often above 80% THC. It doesn’t take much to get a long-lasting, intense high or a strong dose of CBD for those that use this method for their cannabidiol intake.

Three Common Ways To Use Shatter

good shatterIf you’re creative, you can come up with many different ways to get the job done. Practically speaking, there are three different ways that most people use to get high with shatter. Simply put, these three ways are with a rig, without a rig, and with a vape pen.

Smoke Shatter With A Dab Rig

  1. Torch the nail until it turns orange
  2. Place the dome over the nail onto the joint
  3. Wait 10+ seconds for the nail to cool a little (depends on nail)
  4. Put your mouth on the mouthpiece and start to inhale
  5. Place the shatter on the nail (still inhaling)
  6. Swirl it around until it is completely off the dabber tool (still inhaling)
  7. After you’ve inhaled all the vapor, remove the dome and you’re done

This is a basic overview of how to vape shatter using the most popular method. There are different types of oil rigs that will have slight differences than the directions above. If you understand the directions above, you will be able to intuitively operate most rigs.

Smoke Shatter Without A Rig

If you don’t have a rig on you but still want to get baked with shatter, you’re going to have to improvise. Hopefully you have some flower with you, if not, you might be out of luck.

You can do this using any traditional smoking method. Simply mix the shatter in with the flower, and position it so it doesn’t come into contact with the open flame. This can be done by rolling a joint with shatter mixed in, or packing a bowl with shatter in the middle.

However you regularly smoke, just add shatter to the mix.

In A Vape Pen

v2 series 3Smoking shatter in a vape pen is rising in popularity as the vape industry is becoming more widespread. If you are reading this article because you just scored some shatter and weed and you’re ready to roll up, this method won’t help you. But if you’re looking for a convenient way to smoke shatter on the go, this is the best option. It’s discrete and super easy.

There are a bunch of different vape pens you can buy, but I stay away from the cheap ones at all cost. They’re a hassle, messy, and unreliable. You don’t want it to malfunction while you’re out having a good time, depending on it to come through.

For $60, you can get a solid dry herb pen. The wax cartridge is $25 and it works pretty well. That’s the cheapest pen I recommend. There are more expensive pens that do a bang up job, but if you’re on a budget go with the option above.

More Info On Dab Rigs

A dab rig, or oil rig is a water pipe that looks like a weird bong to the untrained eye. In fact, people originally just attached nails onto bongs and used that to vape their concentrates. If you’ve ever tried it, it’s not the best way to vape shatter. It actually kind of sucks.

As you become a more versatile stoner, you will notice that there are quite a few distinct differences that allow you to easily tell most dab rigs from bongs. A straight tube oil rig might confuse you a bit, but the nail will be a dead giveaway. Bong’s can be very large, which is the opposite of what you want for a dab rig. A good oil rig will have smaller tubing that allows the vapor to stay nice and dense. A big bong lets the vapor dissipate and lose flavor. A good dab rig will also have a small water chamber, allowing you to pull the vapor into your lungs without a superhuman effort and preventing the water from filtering out too much flavor.

dab oil rigThe combination of small tubes and a small water chamber are essential for a good dabbing experience. You don’t want the vapor brushing up against the glass for too long because the glass changes the temperature, consistency, and quality of the vapor. You want the vapor to contact the glass for just the right amount of time to cool the vapor, but not long enough to where the vapor gets stale. There is a real art to making a perfect dab rig, and an art to using it to produce flavorful vapor.

These rigs are not only used to get high. Plenty of people vape CBD wax to get therapeutic benefits without the high.

Nails, Domes, and Dabber Tools

There are three pieces that go with dab rigs that you are going to want to get mighty familiar with. Those three pieces are the nail, the dome, and the dabber tool.

The nail is the piece that goes into the joint and will eventually hold your shatter. It’s usually made out of titanium, ceramic, or quartz because these material can withstand high heat with ease. You have to heat the nail using a blow torch or a mini blow torch. Titanium is my favorite material because it can hold heat longer than the other two and it’s the most durable. You don’t have to worry about it cracking. As long as you dry it off right away whenever it’s wet, it’ll last you forever.

The dome is a small glass piece that you place over the nail after your nail has been heated to the proper temperature. The job of the dome is to help the vapor to flow into the rig. There are many different types of domes and they can be used in different ways. Some people place their finger over the dome when inhaling, others use a cap, and some people don’t place anything over it at all. If you use the finger method, just be careful because the nail will be really hot. Also, right after finishing your dab, make sure you take the dome off so it doesn’t get stuck on the joint.

The dabber tool is what you will use to pickup your shatter and put it inside the super hot nail. It is usually made out of titanium (preferred) or quartz. You want it to come to a point or ball-point at the end so you can easily rub all of your dab off on the nail.

These are the three main tools you need to get really familiar with in order to execute a perfect dab time and time again.

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