Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Review

There are a lot of different things to consider when buying CBD gummies.

For many people, this is totally foreign territory. It’s not like we grew up watching Super Bowl ads about CBD or even learned about it in school. This is something that you probably learned about from a friend or happened upon online. Basically, we’re not taught what to look for as consumers so we have to learn by trial and error.

I’m going to point some things out that I like and don’t like about Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies so you can make an informed buying decision. I want to save you the trouble of blindly trying a bunch of products until you find the one that works.

Hemp Bombs Review

hemp bombs CBD gummiesFirst of all, let me say that the gummies are delicious! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the important stuff.

The two most important aspects of any CBD product is the purity and how effective it is. There is only one way that I am aware of to gauge a products purity and that’s third party lab testing. If you know of another way, I’d love to hear about it. To see the lab results for Hemp Bombs, you can hover over the tab in the navigation menu that says “MORE…” and you’ll see an option to view the lab results.

I’ve checked the lab results for the gummies and they’re solid. The results show that the product actually has the amount of CBD purported by Hemp Bombs and that the product is clean.


After trying enough CBD gummies, you’ll notice that you never know what to expect. Every company has a different formula and the flavor, texture, and effective varies widely. What I can say about Hemp Bombs gummies is that they had an excellent texture and tasted just like candy. I’ve had gummies that were really tough and hard to chew and gummies that were oily and super moist. With these gummies, I would be hard-pressed in a blind taste test to tell you which was Hemp Bombs and which was a regular gummy candy.

Overall, I found these to be on the tastier end of the CBD spectrum. I’ve had some really interestingly flavored products so these were a breath of fresh air. The gummies were sweet enough to taste like a treat but healthy enough that I didn’t feel bad eating them.

How Effective is the CBD

Your experience may vary from mine since every body is different. But from my personal experience I found Hemp Bombs CBD gummies to be both relaxing and pain relieving. This will also vary depending on why you’re using CBD so I probably should mention what I use it for.

Long story short, I’ve been dealing with chronic back pain since 2011. Since my initial injury, I’ve been on a witch hunt for pain relief that isn’t addictive or debilitating. I’ve had plenty experience with being addicted and debilitated and am glad to have found CBD. When my back is at its worst, I like to use CBD orally because I find that it provides the deepest relief. I also vape CBD but find ingesting it orally to be more effective.

The gummies from Hemp Bombs have worked wonders on my back. I notice the constant pain lessening as the gummies kick in. As the pain diminishes, I know the gummies have my back and are going to battle for me. Eventually, I’m not even thinking about my back and just carry on with my day. That’s why I’d recommend Hemp Bombs to anyone looking for legitimate natural relief.


The rest of this article just goes over the process I use to pick new CBD products to try so feel free to skip it. However, there is a coupon code at the bottom so you might want to grab it if you’re interested in trying out Hemp Bombs.

hemp bombs review

How I Picked Hemp Bombs CBD Products to Try

The first thing I look for when evaluating CBD gummies is the amount of CBD in each gummy. Whether you know your dosage or not, it’s extremely important to know how much CBD you’re taking in. Without knowing how much cannabidiol you’re ingesting, it’s hard to compare products for effectiveness, efficiency, and pricing. One product may seem like a better deal than another one, but it may require a higher dose. If you don’t know your dose, you’ll be at a disadvantage.

Some companies don’t display how much CBD is in each gummy. And to those companies I say, “good riddance.” I’ve only bought from a company like that once, and it was a total nightmare. The gummies made my head pound and made me so tired. I had to take a nap to sleep it off.

Hemp Bombs has two different strength gummies which is nice. They have a 15 mg and a 25 mg strength gummy. Judging from those serving sizes, I’d say Hemp Bombs is pretty in tune with CBD users. Some of the most common serving sizes are 15 mg, 20 mg, 25 mg, 30 mg, and 50 mg. It would be annoying to take a 20 mg serving with their gummies, but they nailed all the other serving sizes. So if you know your dose and can easily achieve it with their gummies, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Lab Testing

After I decide that the serving size looks good for me, I go on to look for the lab results. This is a crucial step. If a company doesn’t post their independent lab results, that’s a deal breaker for me. There can be all kinds of micro-bacteria and pesticides in CBD products. Without a lab test proving that a company has gone the extra mile to ensure the safety of their products, I’m not buying it.

hemp bombs lab resultsNot only do lab test prove the product is clean or contaminated, they also show how much CBD is really in the product. Any company can make outlandish claims, but backing up those claims is another story. The lab results tell the whole story. What I’ve found when reading lab results is pretty interesting. I’ve seen gummies that have less than 5 mg of CBD per gummy, meaning you might have to down a 5-pack to get a serving. But I’ve also seen several companies whose products have more cannabidiol than they’re claiming. Hemp Bombs is one of those companies.

For the 15 mg gummies, which is the strength I have, there’s 16.14 mg of CBD per gummy. That’s pretty much spot on as far as accuracy goes. But I also have the 75 mg CBD vape juice which actually has 115.25 mg of CBD per bottle. What a friggin’ deal!

The lab results for Hemp Bombs shows that there aren’t any unwanted compounds in the gummies. They pass my second step. Now it’s time for the third step.

What Kind of CBD?

Figuring out what kind of CBD is used in a product is pretty easy. Some companies explicitly state whether their products are full spectrum or CBD isolate. Both types have their drawbacks and benefits, but both of them work well. It’s more about preference.

For starters, if you’re worried about drug testing than you want to go with a CBD isolate. Isolates have been stripped of all the other cannabinoids. That means they’re THC free. If you’re consuming a true CBD isolate product, you can rest assured that you will not fail a THC drug test. But if you’re consuming a full spectrum CBD product, it will have trace amounts of THC. The small amounts of THC found in CBD products isn’t enough to trigger a positive result for most drug tests, but it is still in the real of possibilities. So to play it safe, go with an isolate if you’re going to be drug tested. This is the biggest benefit that isolates have over full spectrum products.

Hemp Bombs’ products are made with CBD isolate. You can tell this by looking at the lab results. When looking at the lab results, you can see that all the other cannabinoids say 0%. I’ve noticed that CBD isolates often have better lab results because they’re so pure and concentrated. I personally use CBD isolate and full spectrum products. I enjoy the purity of CBD isolate and the natural flavor of a full spectrum CBD. Each have their place in my rotation. With CBD isolates, you won’t get the well-known cannabis taste. So for products like gummies and CBD vape juice, it’s nice to taste the flavor of the product.

Whether a company infuses their products with isolate or full spectrum CBD is not a deal breaker for me. But I just like to know what I’m consuming in general. It’s also beneficial to know so you can compare isolate products to full spectrum products. Everyone’s body is different and you might notice your body does better with one or the other.


So at this point we know how much CBD is in each serving, if it was lab tested, and whether it’s an isolate or full spectrum. That’s really all I need to know before deciding to try a product but there are a few extra things I do sometimes. If the site has reviews on it, I skim the reviews. If it doesn’t have reviews, it doesn’t bother me. It’s nice to be able to read customer reviews, but I’d try a new company as long as they did legit lab testing and clearly display the amount of CBD in each serving.

Coupon Code

Lastly, after I decide that I want to try a product, I look for coupon codes. I’m just so used to using coupons that it’s second nature to check for them. Luckily, there is a Hemp Bombs coupon code that will land you 10% off your order. The promo code is KIT10 and I think you can only use it once so stock up. And honestly, Hemp Bombs’ pricing is so reasonable I feel kind of bad using a coupon. But if they’re offering it you bet your bottom dollar I’m going to use it!

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Nautical - July 10, 2018 Reply

Just curious ordered over a week ago my gummy bears are coming from Florida they went to California first back to Mississippi and then to Cumming Georgia where I live I just wondered wouldn’t the Heat and all that long travel affect the potency of the 25 mg 60 count hemp bombs gummies

    Gary - July 10, 2018 Reply

    Honestly, if I had to guess I would think they’d be melted after that journey. The CBD should be fine unless it has been exposed to extreme conditions. Regardless, that’s very unprofessional of them and you should reach out to them to rectify the situation.

    I would expect them to replace that package because of how long it has taken, regardless if they’re melted or not. And they should give you a coupon or comp you a couple a free items. That’s my opinion on the matter. I really hope they rectify this for you. Feel free to leave another comment letting everyone know how they handle the situation. I’m sure people would love to know.

    Also, it could be the post offices fault. I used to own an online store and the Post Office lost a few customers for me due to situations like this. I tried to rectify them, but sometimes people wouldn’t be happy with refunds and free items. It’s understandable. I don’t blame my customers for it. Even though it may be the Post Office’s fault, the onus is still on the business since you bought from them and they’re supposed to take care of you.

Roseann Giordano - June 14, 2018 Reply

Have pain and can not sleep …my friend used 1000 oil and gummys for sleep said it’s working for her..like to try for ourselfs

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