Evaluating The Best CBD Capsules For You

There are tons of capsules on the market that allegedly contain cannabidiol (CBD). In a perfect marketplace, all of these products would actually contain the amount of CBD that they claim. While that would be nice and make your life a lot easier, we know for a fact that that’s not the case. The FDA already blew the lid on a bunch of products that were claiming to have cannabidiol but only had trace amounts.

50mg cbd capsulesIf you been buying CBD for any length of time, you didn’t need the FDA to tell you how sketchy this industry can be. I’ve tried enough products that don’t work to make me second guess whether CBD actually works or not. Finding legitimate products was the result of a tireless search and spending a lot of money, but it was worth it.

I’m going to share with you what I look for in a good CBD company and what I consider to be the best cannabidiol capsules money can buy.

Why I Use CBD

Before I show you how I evaluate companies, I want to tell you why I use CBD and the advantages of using capsules. I played football for eight years, three of which were college. I’ve had several concussions, a torn hip flexor, a fractured sternum, and who knows what else. Struggling with insane amounts of pain, I started looking for natural solutions. After spending thousands of dollars on different natural products, I wound up finding CBD to be the best for me.

Not every company’s CBD worked though, which was discouraging at first. I thought CBD just didn’t work, but it was really their specific products that didn’t work. Eventually I found a couple companies that I liked. Their products took care of my banged up body excellently. They just kind of melted my pain away and allowed me to function.

One of the products that I use regularly are CBD capsules, because they have a unique set of advantages over other types of CBD products..

Pros and Cons of Capsules

cbd gummy wormsThe way you ingest your CBD has a big impact on the benefits you reap. It affects everything from the ease of administration to the length and strength of the effects. Capsules are a great way to ingest your CBD, but they do have a downside as well.


The biggest con when it comes to these are the dosages. You can’t split a capsule into fractional sized. If you buy 25mg soft gels or pills, you can only dose in increments of 25mg. If 25mg is not enough, you have to go up to 50mg, and so on. That’s why I don’t know many people who use CBD pills and soft gels exclusively. If the capsule is the perfect dose for you, then this is not a con and you’re one of the lucky ones.

The other con to capsules is the onset time. They can take anywhere from 40 minutes and up to kick in. If you have a slow metabolism, it can take upwards of an hour. This is not just for capsules, but for any orally administered CBD, like edibles and isolates. If you are in excruciating pain, you may not want to wait for your metabolism to dispense the CBD into your blood stream. There are faster methods of administration, like vaping or sublingual administration (under the tongue).


Now on to the good stuff! The best part about capsules is their convenience. They are so easy to use, and you won’t be tempted to take too many like with gummy worms. Those gummies are too delicious for their own good I tell you. But the soft gels I get are just perfect for not tempting yourself and not having to deal with a syringe. I’ve had syringes that were harder to operate than others, but all capsules that I’ve tried were super easy to administer. Taking CBD does not get easier than capsules.

The taste is another big plus. I’ve had CBD oils so disgusting that they made me nauseous. I had to lay down after having a horribly flavored tincture. It was a gross experience and a complete waste of money. CBD products are not supposed to make you nauseas, they should do the opposite if anything. With capsules, you won’t have to worry about them tasting disgusting.

Another pro is the length and strength of the effects. For me, they lasts for upwards of 5 hours and do a darn good job. They don’t last quite as long as the sublingual products, but come a close second. You can get capsules that are ridiculously strong. I buy 25mg soft gels, but you can get them in 50mg or 100mg pills too. Capsules are the easiest way to take large, strong doses of CBD.

My Favorite CBD Oil Capsules

cbd pillsI like the 25mg soft gels the best. They’re the easiest to swallow and don’t require me to down 3 or 4 pills like with the 15mg pills. On a good day, I just need one and on my worst days two does the job nicely. I get these capsules, and most of my CBD products, from a small company that seems to really care about us. They don’t have flashy advertising and their website is unimpressive, but their products are the best I’ve found.

The 25mg soft gels come in a 30 pack, which totals 750mg of CBD and costs less than my phone bill. They only cost $79.95 which comes out to $0.11/mg. That’s a steal! But the main reason I like this company is because they sell legitimate products in an industry full of fakes. I’m just grateful to have found them after a long trial and error period.

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Evaluating CBD Companies

There are certain red flags in this industry that are easy to spot once you know what to look for. Before getting taken advantage of or being shown the ropes, these warning signs may fly right over your head like they did mine. Likewise, there are also several green light signals that can be promising.

Lab Results

The presence, or lack of lab results is the first signal I look for. It can be either a red or green light. If a company does not have lab results posted somewhere on their website, that’s a clear cut red light. Run the other direction with your wallet in hand. There is no reason not to post lab results other than having something to hide. Getting products tested is not too expensive and should always be done.

You will also run across companies that post their lab results in inconspicuous places. This is a yellow light because it can indicate that they are trying to hide something. Any CBD company that is proud of their lab work will gladly make the results clearly visible. If you find hidden lab results, be sure to go over them carefully. There might be something concerning in them since they are hidden. There’s a small chance the results are hard to find because of poor website design. Poor site design is common in this industry, and any industry that hasn’t gone totally corporate. That’s why hard to find lab results only indicate a yellow light.

Lastly, if the lab results are posted front and center, or a link to them is on the product page, that’s a green light. Both of these situations indicate a company that is trying to make your life easier. They don’t have anything to hide and might even be prideful about their lab results. You should still read the results, but you don’t have to approach them with as much skepticism as hidden lab work. With hidden test results, you’re looking to see what they’re trying to hide. With easy to find lab results, you can just read them.


Some companies post links to studies, making your life a whole lot easier. Instead of telling you to do research, providing links to reputable studies is a nice gesture. In the age of search engines and instant information, it’s not that hard to find research. But I always love it when the research is handed to me.

I don’t care so much about the research, because I’ve read so much of it already. What I like about this is it shows you the company cares. They’re not just trying to make a quick buck. They want you to know what you’re consuming and how it can help you.

If a company doesn’t post studies, it’s not necessarily a red light. I wouldn’t hold it against them. But a company that posts links to studies gets another green light for caring.


Believe it or not, price can be a dead giveaway of illegitimate companies. Any company that charges outrageous amounts of money is essentially taking advantage of you. This begs the question; what’s an outrageous amount of money?

Pricing is subjective, of course. I’ve seen people complain about pricing where I shop, which is one of the most reasonably priced shops online. Some people think everything should be basically free. There are a lot of expenses that come along with running any business, and CBD company owners deserve to be able to make a profit and put food on the table for their families. With that in mind, there’s still a price range that is acceptable and one that is not.

I’ve seen companies charge upwards of $3/mg of CBD. At those prices, you’d be paying $30-$150 per serving and possibly taking 1-3 servings per day. Does that sound outrageous to you? That’s an extreme example but there are actually stores that charge that much. Even $1/mg is ridiculous. You’d be paying $10-$50 per serving. That’s just flat out wrong.

Good Pricing

Even with all the expenses in the industry, a good company should be able to profit with products pricing no higher than $0.25/mg of CBD. I don’t pay that much personally, but it’s on the higher end of what’s acceptable. I pay $0.11/mg for my CBD capsules.

This is a one-way rule. Just because a company has low prices doesn’t mean they’re a good company. But if they have ridiculous prices, they either are running a horribly inefficient operation or they’re in it for the money. With both of these reasons being unacceptable, ridiculous pricing is a blaring red light.

Contact Information

This is one of the last things I look for, even though sometimes it’s just too obvious to miss. Does the company have their email and phone number clearly visible? This is more of a matter of preference, but I can’t stand it when a company makes themselves hard to reach. To me, it’s like they think we’re annoying and don’t want us emailing and calling.

I prefer to be able to call a company, just in case there are any glitches with my order or I have questions that aren’t answered on their website. I don’t want to be thrown around an endless support loop of awful automated prompts. To meet my standards for a CBD vendor, you have to be easy to reach.

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