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Elixinol has earned a good reputation in the industry by producing effective products that meet the needs of everyday people. Their products contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and come in at different price points. They also donate 5% of every purchase to charity.

Click Here To Visit Elixinol’s Website

More About Elixinol

elixinol logoBased out of cannabis friendly Colorado, Elixinol is positioned to take advantage of the new cannabis laws. As the demand for CBD skyrockets, they’re upping their production to meet our needs. I’m always grateful for companies like Elixinol, because CBD is something that has given me my freedom back.

Establishing a cannabis company in the US is not an easy task. With the vague and unfair laws, simple things like getting credit card processing are extremely tough. Elixinol has been able to overcome these obstacles because of their leadership. Their co-founder, Paul Benhaim, has been in the hemp industry since 1991. He knows more about hemp and how to serve his customers than a lot of the newer businesses combined. His expertise has put Elixinol in a position to serve you better.

Many of the newer companies are still in a period of trial and error. Paul earned his stripes decades ago, and is now using his experience to deliver an awesome CBD product to you and me. You can always tell a newer company from a seasoned one by the overly in-your-face branding and the poorly designed websites. Elixinol’s website is very well designed and appears to be professionally built.

elixinol coupon


Putting CBD In Perspective

Thousands of people rely solely on CBD for their daily pick-me-up. I know I do. Some of us do not have the luxury of using coffee or other popular stimulants for a pick-me-up. We need more than just energy, and caffeine can actually trigger some awful flare ups. Don’t get me wrong, I need energy too, but caffeine is not the best for me. I would love to just need energy and to be able to just do something so simple as grabbing a cup of jo, but my life is a little more complex than that.

I used to use marijuana products for my pain, but they became too intrusive during the day. Not to mention I moved away from a marijuana friendly state to one that isn’t marijuana friendly. I would find myself happier and feeling better when under the influence of marijuana, but not very productive. It was still better than being sedated on opiates or in pain all of the time, but I knew there had to be a better way. For me personally, that better way turned out to come in the form of CBD.

My Opinion Only

natural tinctureCBD has been nothing short of a life saver for me. On my worst days it brings my pain back to a manageable level, and on my best days it makes them great. Without it, I’m not sure what I’d do. I don’t want to be high all of the time so I wouldn’t go back to marijuana during the day. That’s not an option.

I hated my life on opiates, so that’s not an option either. My life was slowly but surely falling apart when I was stuck on opiates. My sex life went to complete and utter crap. I’ll spare you the details there, but just know the effects opiates had on me were nothing a man would ever tolerate under any circumstances, except unbearable pain.

My personal life was also slowly deteriorating. Everything became dull. It was like I was living in a bad black and white with no sound. I didn’t feel anything! Also, I became increasingly moody and temperamental. My friends were not fond of the anesthetized version of me, and they kept their distance. I actually liked that they kept their distance, because I wanted to be alone. Eventually, I found myself spiraling down into depression. That was one of the things that motivated me to look for a better way to manage my pain levels.

How could I forget the eczema. I found several spots on my body that weren’t immediately obvious. One was on my back, the other on my ankle, and two on my arms. The ones on my back and arms were really bad and my skin was dark and scaly. Thank goodness for companies like Elixinol, because they help people who need it the most, like me. Being able to get a discount for a big order is just amazing!

In my career, well, who am I kidding I didn’t have a career. What little career I did try to start ended up fizzling out because I didn’t have any motivation, desire, or drive to do anything except flounder in the bed. I just meandered through the day, waiting for something to change. Eventually, something did change but it wasn’t until I became motivated to have a better life. The thing that changed was finding CBD.

Shortly after weaning off opiates (consult your physician before stopping your medications or taking CBD), I began to feel again. By feel, I’m not talking about pain, I’m talking about emotions. I began to love, to desire, to dream, to actually feel motivated to do stuff outside of lying in the bed, tossing and turning in pain. It was really weird but I didn’t realize how anesthetized I was until I stopped taking opiates. I thought I was just turning into a cranky person but nope, it was the opiates. It was such a joy to be off of them.

User Experience With Their Website

Ordering from CBD websites can sometimes be a big nuisance. Often times, websites in this industry look like they were built for a high school computer class project. I’m not exaggerating either. We won’t point any out right now, but if you’ve shopped around I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. But I caution you to not judge a product by their website, and this goes both ways.

I’ve seen companies with good websites and crappy products, and vice versa. But overall, I think a better website shows a certain level of professionalism. Elixinol has a great website!

It’s user friendly and intuitive, which is important. A lot of the people who order CBD are not as tech savvy as say, a 17 year old kid who grew up with an iPad in their hand and has been browsing the internet before they could walk. For people like me who did not grow up with that, it’s awesome to have user friendly websites to order from.

If you’ve never ordered from Elixinol, hopefully you’ll find ordering from their website as easy as I found it to be. But if not, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer support. They even accept general and capsule coupon codes over the phone.

CBD Labeling Practices

The more you order CBD, the more you’ll notice the ambiguous labels. CBD companies are scared to label their products as CBD products, so they label it as “hemp oil.” They do this because they don’t want their package to be seized and mistaken for marijuana CBD oil, instead of hemp CBD oil.

I was not aware that packages are routinely seized until I started ordering CBD. I though that mail was kept private and delivered unless there was a blaring reason to seize it, like hearing whimpers coming from the package. Let’s not even get started down this road, because I could easily write 10,000 words on my disappointment with all of the shenanigans that have been going on.

Most Popular Elixinol Products

If you’re not sure where to start, try ordering the most popular Elixinol products. Other people have found satisfaction with these products, so there is a good chance that you might like them too. It’s not guaranteed, but it’s better than buying random products from a startup which can cost twice as much as Elixinol’s products. At the end of the day, it’s your money and how you spend it isn’t anyone’s business but your own. So do what you think is best for you and you can’t go wrong with that.

15mg Capsule (60 count)

elixinol capsulesCapsules are always one of the most popular CBD products. They are just so convenient, people easily fall in love with them. Elixinol has 15 mg capsules which is great. That’s a really common dose. Some companies only sell 25 mg capsules, and others sell a minimum of 50 mg capsules. Both of those doses can be a lot more than people need.

Elixinol only has one capsule type, and that’s 15 mg CBD vegetarian capsules with coconut extract. They also contain 375 mg of hemp seed and stalk oil for good measure. The hemp seed oil has different benefits than the CBD. It promotes general well being along with several other benefits (1).

Getting the capsules would be a safe bet, especially if you’ve never taken CBD oil before. It’s a great place to start because you don’t have to worry about administering it in just the right way. It’s as easy as taking your morning vitamins or any other supplement that comes in pill form.

Natural Highest Strength Tincture

To get the highest strength CBD, the tincture would be a product to consider. It comes packed with 3600 mg of CBD. That’s a lot!

The capsules have 15 mg each, for a total of 900 mg. The tincture has 4x as much CBD as the capsules and only costs 3x as much. Buying the tincture is like buying three bottles of capsules and getting one free. If you can afford it, it’s a darn good deal. But if it’s out of your price range, then it’s better to look at some other products. Their oil pen is more affordable from a purchasing standpoint, but it’s not as good/mg of CBd. But don’t forget to look at it as well.

Tincture drops are administered under your tongue. This method of administration is called sublingual administration. It has some advantages over oral methods like capsules. By putting your CBD under your tongue, it goes directly into your blood stream. This makes the CBD more effective and also helps it to kick in faster.

When taken sublingually, the effects will also last longer. Those are some really good benefits. Coupled with the price/mg decrease and the coupon, you’re poised to save a lot of money. With the tincture, don’t forget to gently shake the bottle. You want it to be nice and fluid when you drop it under your tongue. This ensures you’re getting an accurate serving.

1000mg Pure CBD Oil Pen

They may be most famous for their innovative oil pen. It’s a lot different than the syringes that most companies use.

This pen does not have to be carefully and precisely pushed. All you have to do is give it a good push and it squirts out 15mg of good stuff, aka CBD oil. It’s like a pen because it clicks upon being pushed, just like a ball point pen. It looks similar to a syringe, but I assure you it’s much much different. The similarities stop there.

Just like the tincture, the pen is most commonly used under the tongue. That means it has the same benefits as the tincture in that regard. It has a really fast onset, only surpassed by the vape pen, and also has stronger and longer effects. It’s a very good way to get your CBD in my opinion. This may be a tad easier than the tincture because it doesn’t involve much thought.

With the tincture, you’ll have to count your drops, but with this you won’t have to count unless you need more than 15mg. In that case, you’ll only have to count your squirts which is easier than counting drops. Sometimes you’ll think you had one drop but really two came out. The tincture is still an amazing deal, but not as easy to use as the CBD pen.

300mg Hemp CBD Liposomes

Liposomes are a newer form of CBD, but they’re still worth mentioning. They come in two sizes, 100mg and 300mg.

The other three types of CBD mentioned above are actually a better deal. If getting the best deal is your main concern, then go with the tincture. But if you’re looking for the type of CBD that resonates with you the best, then you’re going to want to try them all eventually. One can only truly learn from experience.

The liposomes are sprayed under your tongue, so they have the same sublingual benefits as the oil pen and the tincture. That’s awesome! Each squirt is 5 mg, so a 300 mg bottle will contain 60 squirts of CBD while a 100 mg bottle will disappear after just 20 such squirts.

Full Spectrum CO2 Extraction

full spectrumLastly, we have to mention that the method used to extract the CBD in Elixinol’s products is supercritical CO2 extraction. This is the gold standard in the cannabis industry because it’s the safest and most effective method.

It’s also one of the more expensive methods too. CBD producers have to use high powered machines to flow the CO2 through the hemp plant material and extract the cannabinoids. It has to be done at precise temperatures and pressure so the cannabinoids are not damaged. If anything goes wrong, the batch could be ruined so the machines have to be kept in pristine condition.

Companies that use this method usually have better products than companies that don’t. I prefer patronizing companies that don’t skimp on production costs. When it comes to my health, I don’t want companies taking the cheap route and putting me at risk. Other methods of CBD extraction involve toxic chemical solvents that are allegedly all removed by the time the CBD gets to us. I’m not buying it.

The Scoop

CBD works for me, without a doubt. The real art is in finding the best CBD oil for you. We all react differently to different products so their is no one definitive answer, but some products are way better quality than others. That’s for sure.


When you first receive your CBD pen, the aesthetics make an impression on you before you get to try it. Elixinol has definitely put some energy into creating a nice looking pen. It’s a nice quality pen and looks rather modern.

The oil is a thick and has a darkish amber color. It’s definitely not a runny oil, which I’m not a big fan of. I like my oils to be on the thicker side. They’re easier to administer and aren’t messy like the thinner oils. Some oils are too thick and are harder to get out of the syringe. Elixinol oil is right in between but it airs on the thicker side. If you like a thin oil, this isn’t the one for you.

Ease of Use

This is one of the areas where Elixinol really excels. Their pen is very well designed and it takes all of the guess work out of your dosage.

Some syringe pens have complicated measuring apparatuses attached to them, while others just tell you to use a drop or two. Elixinol designed a pen that delivers a precise dose for you every time.

When you press or click the pen once, it will administer 15 mg of CBD each and every time.

It also has a locking mechanism that prevents the pen from giving your purse or pocket a dose of CBD. This happens all too often with lower quality pens, essentially donating your precious CBD to your pockets, purses, and man bags.

To lock the pen, just twist it to the right. To unlock it, twist it to the left.

features x-pen


The pen is airless and vacuum sealed. That means no foreign substances or bacteria will be able to get into the oil.

It also features a removable tip. If you are sharing the pen with another person, you will be able to wash the tip to make sure you’re not spreading germs to each other. Little features like this are what tell you Elixinol really listens to their customers. I appreciate that a lot.


Each pen has 1000mg of CBD in it and each click will ooze out 15mg of high-quality CBD. By high quality, I mean lab-tested full spectrum oil. Full spectrum products include the necessary compounds to potentiate the effects of the CBD. This can make your purchase stretch way further than if you were to purchase the same amount of isolate.

The 1,000mg of CBD equates to 66 doses, so it will last you 1-2 months depending on how frequently you use it. Let’s be honest, if you like this stuff you’re going to use it more frequently. It’ll probably last you a month or less.

With sublingual CBD oil, it takes a lot longer than other forms before it wears off. It’s the most efficient way of delivering CBD to your body. It’s also the most potent for of CBD. The oil pens are more potent than the edibles, capsules, and tinctures. The Elixinol pen, specifically, is definitely one of the most potent pens on the market.

Do You Know Who You’re Buying From?

elixinol cbdBefore I place my trust in a company, I always like to learn a little about the company. Are they a flash in the pan company looking for a quick buck? Or do they eat, sleep, and breathe CBD because they’re passionate about helping people?

Those are the kinds of questions I ask myself. Finding a definitive answer can be hard sometimes, but generally a little research can help you make a healthy guess.

Elixinol is a company that sales a wide variety of potent CBD products. Their specialty is their oil, but they also sells capsules, protein powder, tinctures, and topical balms.

They’re a USA-based company, operating out of one of the most cannabis friendly states, Colorado. Paul Benhaim, co-founder of Elixinol, has been heavily involved in the hemp industry since 1991. This is his passion and he’s been doing it for decades.

His knowledge and expertise is what gives elixinol the edge over a lot of other fly-by-the-night companies. Newer companies are trying to hop on the hemp bandwagon and they come and go. They don’t know how to source the highest quality CBD.

All hemp plants are not created equal, that’f for sure. The CBD industry is like many industries, it’s all about who you know. Paul Benhaim knows everyone, and he himself is a big shot in the industry. He knows the top quality industrial hemp producers, as well as the best manufacturers.

These kinds of connections are invaluable and are the lifeline of every successful business.

products reviewAs you can see from the picture on the right, Paul is not a fly-by-the-night kind of guy. His first priority is you and your well-being. He’s truly passionate about his customers because he’s experienced the benefits of CBD for decades.

Researching about a solution is one thing, but experiencing the change firsthand and watching countless people get the same result is a totally different feeling. Paul knows his product and his customer’s very well. His company is his life and his customers are his CBD family.

Elixinol’s Charitable Outreach

Should you choose to buy Elixinol products, 5% of every purchase you make will go towards a non-profit organization.

Elixinol is not just blowing smoke, this is a real thing that they do. They even go one step further and let you choose which organization you would like them to give to.

You can choose from the following non-profit organizations:

I firmly believe that every successful business should give back in some way. Whether it’s through volunteering in their community or financial donations to wonderful organizations, I love it when companies give back.

If you would like a portion of your sales to go to a different organization, then you can submit a request for Elixinol to do so. They’re open to request, but there’s no guarantee that they will add your suggestion to the list. Nonetheless, a company that interacts so closely with their customers is a great thing.

Now that you know a little bit more about where you’re placing your money and trust, you can click here to try some Elixinol CBD products. They’re pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.

Final Words

Elixinol is a great company and they even contribute to several charities. When you place your order, you will be able to select a charity for them to donate to. Five eprcent of your purchase will be donated to cahrity. That’s a pretty cool practive if you ask me. I wish all companies put forth the effort to give back to the community like Elixinol does.

They products are pure and contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids. What’s not to like about Elixinol? Don’t for get to claim your 10% discount by entering 10OFF480 in the little box when you checkout. If you’re ready to explore Elixinol’s products, just click here and enjoy.

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I just placed an order this evening but did not see the 10% coupon at the time. However, if it is not too late, here is the coupon # 10OFF480. I’m just hoping I’m not allergic to this as I have many allergies and asthma. I will start small but I definitely need something for my back and neuropathy pain. I’m hoping I can take it and it works for me.
Thanks for all this information. It is very helpful.

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    Hey Verna, I’m not sure about whether Elixinol will accept the coupon after the order. You can get in touch with them on their contact page.
    I hope CBD works wonders for you!

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You saved me a lot of hassle just now. Thanks for sharing.

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