Elixinol Capsules are Very Different Than The Norm

Take one good look at the Elixinol capsules and you’ll notice they’re a little different. It’s actually one of the first things I noticed. Every company advertises the amount of CBD per capsule, but Elixinol boasts about another main ingredient as well. You’ll notice that each capsule has 15mg of CBD, which is normal. But what’s different is the fact that each capsule also contains 375mg  of hemp oil. This is not by accident.

elixinol capsulesPercentage wise, this means that each capsule is 3.75% CBD by volume. If Elixinol wanted to, they could easily make capsules that contain a much higher percentage of CBD. It’s not that hard for them considering that they have other products witch much higher concentrations. So there must be a reason they wanted to include 375mg of hemp oil in each capsule.

What the reason is exactly, I’m not sure. Only Elixinol knows that. But I think it’s safe to say that Elixinol must think there is a synergistic relationship between CBD and hemp oil, which makes a lot of sense.

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Whole Plant Pills

What your’re getting with Elixol is essentially “whole plant” capsules. What I mean by that is, they’ve extracted oil from all of the plant, not just the buds. CBD is mainly found in the hemp buds and leaves. Hemp oil is made from the seeds. Well, Elixinol actually extracts their whole plant hemp oil from, you guessed it, the whole plant. By whole plant, they’re referring to the seeds, stalks, and stems. This is very different than the vast majority of CBD products out there.

Elixinol Is Insane

To the whole plant to make CBD is kind of insane to be honest. It’s insane because they’ll have to use a lot more plant material to get the same amount of CBD. Let’s be honest, most people only care about how many milligrams of CBD is in a product. So even if Elixinol could get the same results with less CBD, it would be hard to get people to buy a seemingly weaker product. It would take one strong marketing campaign for that to work. That;s why Elixinol actually makes their products just as strong as everyone elses. This means they are having to put forth more effort just to get the same amount of CBD. Insanity.

But…there’s one small thing that could make this strange business move seem not so insane. You!

They Might Actually Care

We all know that once a company gets too big, it seems like they don’t care about you anymore. Well, for Elixinol to go the extra mile to make a whole plant extract, I’d say that’s pretty caring. It freaking makes sense too. OF course a whole plant extract is going to perform at least as well as a partial plant extract or an isolate. It has the same amount of CBD but also way more phytonutrients. Each phytonutrient has the opportunity to work with the CBD to make it even stronger. This is known as the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a cute little name that basically says, when CBD is hanging with its entourage, it’s stronger. It’s pretty simple, but once you experience the difference between an isolate and a full spectrum product you’ll have an understanding of what the entourage effect is all about.


CBD Isolates

water cbd powderA CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like, just CBD. By using solvents a chemist can isolate the CBD compound from the hemp plant. The main benefit to this is getting rid of the THC. It’s actually of no benefit to your body to get rid of the THC, but it’s a benefit if you have to take a zero tolerance drug test to fit in with societal norms. These tests are woefully uncommon, but in theory you could fail a drug test by taking CBD. In theory, but it’s highly unlikely. CBD only contains trace amount of THC and it’s not enough to get you high. The trace amounts of THC are, however, enough to contribute to the entourage effect.

If you can think of another benefit to using isolates instead of full spectrum products, leave a comment below.

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