Best Quality One Hitter Dugout Pipe

Every real stoner needs a way to keep their weed discretely stored and easily accessible while on the go. Sometimes it’s not even a matter of discretion, but you still need a reliable and convenient container for storing your bud. Whether you need convenience, discretion, easy access, or all of the above, a dugout is the way to go.

I’m going to start by sharing the favorite one in my lineup, but if you don’t know what I’m talking about, skip that section and come back to it.

My Favorite One Hitter Dugout

wooden dugoutMy absolute favorite is a hand-carved 4″ wooden beauty that came from a relatively unknown online shop. After having several cheap scrap wood boxes give out on me, I’m only buying these from here on out. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. Here’s why I love this one.

First of all, the spring actually works! Hallelujah, it’s a miracle! You wouldn’t believe how many of the cheap knockoffs have even cheaper springs that go kaput after a few uses. It pisses me off because I have to cover my stash with my thumb and dump my bat out like a dork. Well this dugout has a really sturdy spring.

Actually, you might want to be careful when opening it because it will jump out at you. Make sure you have a finger hovering over the bat compartment when you twist the top. It’s easy to remember which site is the bat compartment because it’s on the shorter side of the swivel. It makes sense because you’ll need more room for your stash than for your bat.

The other thing I like about this dug out is that it’s quality. Most of them are made from scrap wood. This is made from one block of wood and it was carved by hand. It feels great in your hand too. Feels like a work of art.

I went with the 4″ version because I like being able to house a 3″ bat. I’m not a big fan of 2″ bats. They’re just a little too small for me. I have one and find myself using the 3″ bat most of the time.

If you’re looking for a quality dugout with a sturdy spring, look no further. You can search far and wide around the internet, but this is the best quality I’ve come across and it only costs $19.95. Click here to view the website that sells these hand-carved beauties and grab yours while it’s in stock (often out of stock). Services like Harbortouch POS Systems also make it easier for merchants to assist you in purchasing products legally in-person, with comparable prices to those online.

First Runner Up

red anodized aluminum dugoutMy next favorite one is this black anodized aluminum workhorse. I like it because it’s pretty solid. It’s much more durable than the wooden one. If you’re rough on small things, then aluminum is a better bet for you. I use the aluminum one when I’m hanging out with a lot of people, because some people have butter fingers.

I also like taking it with me when I’m packing a bag that could have all kinds of things, none of which I want scratching or spilling on my hand-carved wood. The biggest benefit to this one is the durability, whereas the wood’s biggest benefits are the elegant design and its lightweight.

Both of these are great, but the wood is my #1 with this being a close 2nd.


A dugout is a convenient little box box that has two storage chambers. On one side, you have a compartment that houses your one hitter, also known as the bat. If you’re savvy, you’ll buy a complete system that comes with a good bat. A lot of the times they have cheap bats and you’ll want to replace it.

The other compartment houses your ground up dry material. Having the material pre-ground makes your life so easy. All you have to do is shove your bat into the other compartment and you’re loaded and ready to take a hit. It’s awesome because your fingers won’t pickup the smell since you don’t have to break it down or even touch it. It’s quick, easy, and seamless.

So now that you know what a dug out is, could you imagine all the times it could come in handy? I like taking mine to the beach, along with some snacks and a few friends. There’s nothing like a chill evening with my pinch hitter and few friends. Those are the times I’ll remember forever.

Which Dug Out System Is The Best

Well, it’s hard to say to be honest. I have a few and some are better than others for sure. I really don’t think there are that many good ones on the market right now. The market is flooded with cheap knockoffs. It seems like most of them have been built with profit as the main motive, not quality.

I’ll share my favorite spot where I get my dugouts from. From here on out, I’m only buying my dug out systems from this online shop. Why?

Because I have four of them (I’ll explain lol) from this shop and have gone through too many to count from other shops. The quality doesn’t compare. My old cheaply made ones fell apart on me time and time again. Either the spring loaded bat section stopped working or the top broke off. That hasn’t happed to me once with the other four.

So what’s the difference?

Well, the wooden dugouts I buy now are hand carved and much better quality. They’re from a boutique shop that most people haven’t even heard of. I’m stocking up now before they blowup and turn into a mass production operation where quality suffers. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. If they can keep producing hand-carved dugouts even after they gain popularity, that would be awesome but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Wooden vs Anodized Aluminum

This naturally (no pun intended) brings us to the question; should I go with wood or anodized aluminum? Like all of life’s great questions, there’s no definitive answer. That’s why I have four lol. I will give you a quick rundown of the main benefits of each and you can decide for yourself which one will fit your lifestyle best.

The hand carved wooden ones are friggin sexy! I really dig the vibe. They look deluxe and classy while maintaining a one with nature kind of vibe. As far as style goes, they’re my favorite for sure. Also, they are very lightweight. That makes them perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to lug around a heavy container.

The look and feel is a definite plus with these. If I was going to Woodstock, I would have brought my wooden dugout.

The anodized aluminum containers are very solid and can take a serious beating and still protect your stash. That’s the biggest benefit the aluminums ones have over their wooden counterpart. They look nice too, but in a well-machined kind of way. They’re not sexy like the hand-carved masterpieces. They are, however, well machined and sleek.

If you’re really rough with small things or if you drop small things a lot, then please buy the anodized aluminum version. You don’t want to have a beat up wooded one that eventually will look like complete crap. Just don’t.

But if you wan’t something that’s ultra lightweight so you don’t have to lug around something heavy, then the wooden one is the clear cut winner. Other than aesthetics, which is personal preference, the main differences are the weight and durability.

3″ vs 4″

one hitter batNow that you know which material you want, it’s time to pick the size. There are two main sizes that you get to choose from, three inches and four inches.

A 3″ dugout comes with a two inch bat, while the 4″ come with a much bigger 3″ bat. I consider the 3″ box to be a mini version. It’s a lot smaller which means it’s much stealthier. They may not sound like they’re that much different, but one inch is pretty significant when we’re just talking about a few inches. Like I said though, it’s all preference.

Personally, I prefer the bigger ones. I just like a little more. The 3″ bat is easier for me to use. The 2″ bat seems a bit small and awkward to me. If you’re really into having a super small stealthy dugout, then go with the 3″ one. If you’d like a bigger bat and dugout, the 4″ is the way to go.

I’m a big social smoker so naturally I go with the 4″ more times than not. I have a 3″ one for those times when it’s just me or me and one more person going on a short outing. It definitely comes in handy, but if you’re just buying one then follow the advice above.

Spring Loaded Aluminum Bat

The bat is aluminum and it’s styled like a cigarette. Hopefully you get why it’s styled this way. It’s more incognito than other styles. If you already have a bat that will fit, you could also use that one. But the bat that comes with it is actually a pretty good one. It’s the one I use because it’s better than all of my other bats.

The end that you load is sharp, which is pretty awesome. It loads better this way because it can cut through any material that is in the way. Also, it doesn’t have paint at the tip you light, which keeps it looking good instead of all burned up. You’ll also notice that the compartment is spring loaded, which makes it really easy to get the bat out.

Batter Up!

Hopefully this guide helped you choose the best setup for you. Now it’s time for you to get your dugout and enjoy the benefits of having a super stealthy way to stash and dash. Click here to grab yours while the quality is still excellent.

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