Can You Get High From Using CBD?

high effectWorrying about getting high from cannabis products is a legitimate concern and it can happen. I’ve come across thousands of people who were worried about it; it’s totally normal and actually smart to dig into these products a little more.

When we hear the word “cannabis,” our minds immediately revert to images from the smear campaign against marijuana. Marijuana is just one type of Cannabis that happens to be psychoactive. There is another species in the Cannabis family called Cannabis ruderalis, or more simply known as hemp. CBD oil can be made from marijuana or hemp, and that’s what determines if you get high from it or not.

Does CBD Get You High

CBD will not get you high if it is derived from the industrial hemp plant. However, if it’s derived from marijuana, it will get you high.

That’s the big difference between the two types of CBD on the market. One is derived from the psychoactive type of cannabis while the other is not. Just because hemp won’t get you high doesn’t mean that it’s absent of THC. In fact, it does have THC.

The levels of THC in hemp are very low. I’ve never seen a lab report from any shop I’ve researched with more than 1% THC. I’ve done research and purchased from a ton of shops and have yet to see much THC at all. From my research, I learned that hemp can have up to 1.5% THC. I believe this is possible, but I think the industrial hemp-derived products circulating on the market today have been bred to have very low levels of THC.

Good Genetics

psychoactiveMost people who are supplementing with CBD edibles do not want to get high. Producers of hemp know this better than anyone else and they’ve responded with selecting low THC genetics.

Cannabis is a unique plant because it’s dioecious, meaning that the male and female organs for reproduction are found in separate plants. Essentially, there are male cannabis plants and female plants. Female plants are the one that flower the beautiful nuggs. Most plants are monoecious which means that the reproductive organs for males and females are found in one plant.

With monoecious plants, there’s a lot less genetic variation. This works out well for farmers who have found a great tomato plant and want to grow 100 of them. The seeds from the plant will be very similar to the original because there’s less genetic variation. With a plant like cannabis, there’s more variation because the female plant doesn’t give off seeds that will flower just like hers. The seeds will yield relatively similar plants, but they need to be pollinated by a male plant. This introduces a lot of variation in the genetics of the plant. This can be good and bad.

Do You Recognize Great Strains

In the case of low THC hemp, this can be a very good thing. It gives breeders a lot of wiggle room to experiment with their genetics until they come up with a strain that has next to no THC. A couple of the shops I’ve seen online have very minimal amounts of THC hovering right above zero. I’ve seen some lab reports that weren’t able to detect any THC even though the product was not an isolate. To me, this means that breeders are getting their genetics the way we like it.

The company with almost no THC is one that I’ve actually tried and their oil was very good. Breeding cannabis is not a walk in the park and excellent strains deserved to be recognized. If a breeder is not skilled, they can just as easily produce plants that have minimal amounts of CBD. I’ve seen those on the market as well. This topic is not an attractive topic so it goes unnoticed by many. It’s something that should be talked about more in my opinion. People should know more about the plant that could potentially save their life.

The more you know about cannabis, the better chance you have at picking great shops to patronize and getting better results with your CBD. You’re probably not using it for fun so it couldn’t hurt to treat your research very seriously. You never know when you’ll have the opportunity to introduce someone to this life-saving herb. The more educated you are on the matter, the better chance you have of getting people to help themselves to a brighter future.

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