Do Detox Drinks Really Work

Yes, detox drinks can work excellently for passing drug tests. They work by flushing the loose THC and metabolites from your system.

Just make sure you get one from a company with a good track record. Passing a drug test can be very important and keep your life from spiraling downward. Don’t take your decision to detox lightly. It’s just as important as your situation is serious.

protect your familyIf you or your family is going to suffer because of your failed drug test, then take extra precautions to make sure you pass. When absolutely necessary, you might have to cheat the drug test with synthetic urine or donor urine. It’s not as easy as a just downing a drink, but it can get you out of a jam when you don’t think the drink will work. The drink is mainly for regular cannabis users and under. If you’re a heavy user, as in smoking several joints every day. The drink may not work for you.

How 1-Hour Cleanse Drinks Work

We all know that weed can stay in your system for far too long, even past 30 days in some instances. That’s why we need products to help protect us from people and companies who are obsessed with invading our privacy and controlling our personal life. The products are a little bit of a mystery, but thousands of people count on them every year to keep their lives from hitting rock bottom. Since these detox products are so important, let’s take a look at how they work.

The science behind detox drinks is really vague, but they work. No company wants to come out and explicitly state how their detox works because other companies could easily copy it while other people start a company based on their recipe. The market is already competitive enough, manufacturers don’t want to help new companies compete with them too.

I’m going to explain how these drinks work as best as I understand the vague science.

Their Job

why even detoxFrom my understanding, quick detox beverages work by flushing your system of all THC that is ready to be excreted from your urine. Drug tests look for THC and the metabolites that occur after metabolizing the THC, so the drink has to flush your body of the metabolites too. Doing this is not that hard and can be done by drinking a lot of water, but the next step is what makes these drinks worth their weight in silver.

After your body has been flushed of all the compounds that could cause a positive result, the drinks have to stop more THC and metabolites from entering your excretory system. This is the part that is rather vaguely described. Everyone knows a good diuretic can help flush your system, but most people don’t know how to naturally slow down the process of THC metabolism. A good detox does this exceptionally well, and can keep your piss clear for up to five hours. That gives you a huge window to take your test with peace of mind.

So let’s summarize all the things that have to happen in order to test negative.

  1. Flush system of THC
  2. Flush urine of metabolites
  3. Keep THC and metabolites from entering urine for 5 hours
  4. Keep urine from being diluted

The last step is another tricky one. If we flush our own bodies with water and a diuretic, we will fail the test due to a diluted sample. Unless you really know what you’re doing, it’s better to leave this up to the pros and buy a reliable detox drink.

My #1 Recommendation

pass your drug testThe most reliable drink on the market is the 1-hour cleanse from Pass USA. I like this drink mainly because it works. That’s the most important part. The other nice thing about this company is that they offer a 500% money back guarantee, which is unheard of. Obviously they wouldn’t be able to stay in business if they had to pay customers 5x the price of the drink, so you know the drink works.

They only offer a crazy guarantee like that because they know how reliable the drink is, and they’re trying to convey that sense of reliability to you. If you have an upcoming drug test and want to be sure you pass. Get the 1-hour detox drink and follow the instructions. When your test comes back negative, you’ll be happy you got the drink.

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  • August 2, 2017
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