Charas Is Different Than Hash

Once again, the internet has a lot of misinformation regarding cannabis. I’ve seen big sites claim that charas and hash are the same thing. This is not true. They are similar, but are distinctly different as well. Even the color is different, which is a huge clue that these two types of hashish are not the same thing.

Hashish is a broad term that includes all resins. I think people are getting hash and hashish mixed up. It’s an honest and easy mistake to make, but it can leave people confused and using a product that they think is something else. You can get hash at a dispensary in the US, but I’ve never seen charas personally. I’m sure some dispensaries have them somewhere in the US, I just haven’t been to one that has. If you read the wrong article, you’ll buy hash at a dispensary and think you just smoked charas. Nope, not the same thing.

charas vs hash

What is Charas

Charas is a form of hashish that comes from marijuana and originated in the India. It’s illegal to posses cannabis in India, but it seems like their laws are just as confusing as ours. People get thrown in jail with regularity, but it’s also a commonly used plant. Certain forms of marijuana can be used freely for religious purposes and others are even sold in government sanctioned stores. Legal or not, charas is a distinct part of Indian history and culture and remains a popular form of concentrate and is often referred to more simply as hashish.

charasThe main thing that separates them from hash is the way the resin is collected. Charas are made by collecting the resin from live plants, 2-3 weeks before they’re fully mature. That’s the big difference. You’ll notice that charas are much darker than hash. The oils from the live plant are pretty dark before they’re cured. They’re usually dark brown to black.

Charas are simple to make, but you’re going to have to get your hands dirty. If you don’t mind getting your hands covered in a sticky resinous substance, then you will be just fine. You’re going to love them, so you might as well just go for it!

The process can be done with live plants that are still rooted in the ground, or with freshly picked buds. It doesn’t matter, but make sure you do the process right after picking them if you’re going to use that method.

How to Make Charas

  1. Rub the buds back and forth between your hands until it stops producing oil.
  2. Black resin will get stuck on your hands.
  3. Rub your hands together firmly until the resin falls off your hands into a container below.
  4. Gather the resin and roll it into a ball

If you follow this process, you will have some awesome charas. Don’t get intimidated, there’s room for error and variation. Some people use their thumb to collect the resin from their hands while others rub it off and then collected it. You can use freshly picked buds or you can use buds that are still connected to a live cannabis plant. Do whatever feels best to you and it’ll turn out great. There’s one thing you might want to remember. Even though charas may look like they’re edible, you definitely shouldn’t try to eat them. The THC in them has not been activated yet, which will happen during the smoking process.The stickyness may remind you of a gummies, but these are far from it.

What is Hash

beautiful hash brickHash, on the other hand, is collected after the buds have fully matured, been harvested, and gone through the curing process. This is much different than the method of making charas.

After the buds have been cured, they are dry (or wet) sifted. This separates the cannabinoid-rich trichomes from the buds.The trichomes are then gathered and compressed into hash.

I’m being very vague here because there are many different ways to make hash. My favorite type of has is made from dry sifted trichomes and pressed together with a pollen press. One of the tricks to making good hash is to not sift the plant material for too long. The longer you sift it, more plant material will contaminate your kief.

After pressing the trichomes together, it should form into a golden-colored hash brick. The closer to golden it is, the more pure it is. If it leans on the green side, it’s been contaminated with plant material. If this happens, don’t throw it away. It’s still usable, but it won’t be nearly as potent as pure hash.


Now you know more than most stoners about hashish, hash, and charas. You can wow your friends and challenge their stoner knowledge with your advanced information on charas. You could even press out your own hash like a pro and get your friends super stoned.

Charas and hash are both very potent forms of marijuana, so make sure you get stoned responsibly. There’s one rule to using any form of hashish. Make sure to never violate it or else you’ll be extremely sorry. Always have some of your favorite food nearby or at least some bomb-a snacks.

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  • July 17, 2017
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