The Art of Vaping CBD

cbd vape cartridgeThere is an art to vaping, and like any art, it can only be mastered by partaking in the activity.

To make matters even more interesting, in the realm of CBD you’ll notice that there are no servings that are set in stone. Almost everything else in the food, medicine, or supplement industry has a serving, but everything in this arena is subjective.

If it wasn’t for regulatory bodies breathing down the necks of shop owners, I’m sure they would love to offer advice on minimum effective servings and so forth. But with the current climate, they should keep silent. Giving advice on servings is interpreted as claiming medicinal benefits. I’ll explain below.

How Much CBD Should I Vape

People commonly ask me about the amount of CBD they should take or vape. It’s a question nobody can accurately answer. Your body is different than my body. We weigh different weights, have different allergies, ancestry, and peculiarities. There are so many things that can play a role in our unique biochemistry that it’s impossible to say how you will react to CBD.

I prefer to just share how I use it. There are specific things you can do, strategies if you will, that will help you find a good serving. Vaping is one of the easiest methods to figure out your serving. As a rule of thumb, the faster the CBD kicks in, the easier it is to find your serving size.

Since the effects of vaping start to kick in within minutes, you can easily stagger your usage to find your serving. This is the same method I use with every type of CBD.

How I Find My Serving Size

  1. I take several puffs from the vape cartridge and count them.
  2. Wait 10-15 minutes to see if I feel it.
  3. Take several more, and I keep count.
  4. Wait 10-15 minutes for the effects.
  5. Repeat as needed within a 2 hour window.

The reason this works so well with vaping is because the effects last for 2-3 hours and the onset time is just 10-15 minutes.

This gives you ample time to have another few puffs while your first puffs are still in your system. Ideally you’ll only have to take extra puffs once or twice before finding your serving. On the back half of the 2 hour window, the amount of CBD in your blood stream won’t be as strong as the front half. That’s why you only want to do 1-2 rounds of this.

Also, it’s essential to keep count of your puffs. Generally speaking, one puff of a 200mg cartridge is about 1mg of CBD. Of course, this varies depending on the strength and length of your inhale. Also, the amount of time you hold it in your lungs may cause some variation as well. This is not an exact science, but it works rather well since it’s tailored to your situation. It’s much better than just reading about a standard serving and using it

This process is a little harder with something like edibles since the onset time can be over an hour. It’s harder to do small servings to test precise doses. With edibles, it might be easier to just go for it, then try again with a bigger serving next time. But with vaping, using micro-servings works extremely well.

No Serving Advice Allowed

no serving adviceGiving advice on what constitutes as a serving of CBD can be construed as medical advice, which is illegal. Companies should refrain from doing this for several reasons. Everyone’s body reacts differently, so their advised serving could be wrong. If they advise you too small, maybe you don’t get the desired effects and suffer. If they advise you too large, then you flush your money down the toilette.

Honestly, that’s more of a moral issue and has nothing to do with why companies don’t advise on serving size. The real issue at hand is that CBD is a dietary supplement, not a medicine. This means it cannot be sold as cure or treatment for any ailments. If a company tells you to take 20mg of CBD for chronic pain, that’s prescribing a treatment. That’s the same as telling you a 20mg serving of CBD will treat your chronic pain. The same goes for any serving size or condition.

Saying such things would land a company in hot water fast. In this industry, the smallest infraction could lead to large fines or forced closures. It’s better to play it safe and allow customers to conduct their own research and experiment with their own serving sizes.

I like to look at the servings used in clinical studies to get a rough idea of what could be helpful for me. I don’t expect to have the exact same serving, but I use it as a ballpark range.

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  • August 8, 2017
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