This CBD Pain Relief Rub Saved Me

football injuriesI started using CBD for pain relief because I played football for eight years, and it took a toll on my body. My college days were the hardest on my body, because football season never ended. In the off season we had winter conditioning, then spring ball, then summer conditioning. Summer conditioning would roll right into fall camp, where we would have to get up at 4am to prepare for our first practice. We would proceed to have two or three practices and a weight lifting session.

Playing on turf took a toll on my knees, even though they first started hurting in high school. The turf just exponentiated things. I always thought my career was going to end due to blowing out a knee. It felt inevitable as my right knee grew achier and weaker. It would buckle on me from time to time during normal activities. I was wrong btw. It was a fractured sternum that lead to the end of my career. That’s another story though which lead to its own set of problems lol.

Hurt or Injured

sad but trueWe were taught that theres a difference between being hurt and being injured. Hurt means you can suck it up and play, injured means you cant. Let’s just say I was “hurt” a lot and never mastered this subjective art of figuring which was which.

I didn’t even report my first concussion in high school, but finished the game dizzily and nauseas. I didn’t know if I was hurt or injured, so I didn’t tell anyone. People would say hitting someone so hard your head ringed was a good thing, so I thought it could have been normal. But I just didn’t feel right, and it was apparently obvious. My mom used her spidey senses to pry into how I was feeling. After admitting that I was dizzy and nauseas, she forced me to go to the hospital after the game to get checked out.

21 And Pained

After my football career ended, I was left a shell of my former self at the ripe age of 21. Being on the receiving end of a couple concussions, a torn hip flexor, a fractured sternum, and too many other dings to count, I just didn’t have the youthful vibrancy a 21 year old should have. It felt like I was dragging my body around and constantly trying to squirm my way to comfort.

I’ve tried all all kinds of products from cannabis infused emu oil to CBD salves, balms, and creams. I have several of them right here in front of me, but only one gets the job done for my stubborn back and knee pain.

After years of trying all sorts of crazy remedies, I’m thankful that I found one that delivers relief fast. It keeps me from having to wait too terribly long in my miserable morning state, where every second counts. The best solution I have found for my problem is cannabidiol (CBD) products, especially topicals for fast relief.

my cannabis topicals

What Is Topical Cannabis

Cannabis products that you rub on your skin for local cannabinoid absorption are considered cannabis topicals. They come in may different varieties, such as lotions, salves, balms, and cream.

These products can be used for many different reasons. Some people use cannabis chapstick to moisten their lips, hemp-based lotions to moisturize their skin, and CBD-infused creams to achieve local pain relief. The applications are nearly endless, which also means there are a lot of different products to choose from. You want to make sure you get the right product for your situation. It’s easy to end up with a moisturizer when what you really wanted was pain relief. Reading the fine print is crucial.

Two Totally Different Types Of Products

hemp seedsThe main thing you have to lookout for is hemp oil products that look like CBD products. Some of these companies brand their products as “Hemp CBD” but only include fractional amounts of CBD in their topicals. I’ve fallen victim to such marketing a time or two myself. I keep one of the products on my CBD shelf just to remind me of the trickery in the marketplace.

Hemp oil is not the same thing as CBD oil. They come from the same plant, but hemp-based products are infused with oil that is pressed out of the seeds. Cannabidiol-based products are infused with CBD-rich oil that comes from the plant material. It’s a very important distinction to make. Hemp oil is great at moisturizing skin and several other benefits, but it’s doesn’t compare to the amazing anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD.

Always read the product description to see if the rub does indeed have CBD, which is usually measured in milligrams (mg).

My Favorite CBD Cream For Pain

kanna freeze cbd rubEvery morning when I wake up, I feel like crap. It’s usually a combination of an achy back, irritable skin, knee pain, and sometimes a throbbing neck. The combination of these things can make for a tough morning. Getting out of the bed is rough, and the AC blaring against my skin is even rougher. Sometimes I wait until the AC cuts off to get up to avoid to harsh air on my skin.

One of the first things I do in the morning, is rub some CBD infused cream on my back and knee. This takes care of these two pain points remarkably well. It kicks in in a matter of minutes and lasts for several hours. The product I use is called KannaFreeze and it has 250 mg of organic CBD. My wife also loves it for that time of the month.

I use it for one reason, it works. I don’t really care whether it has the cooling menthol effect or not, as long as it works. I have several other CBD products that don’t work as well. I bought them as pain relief topicals, but they’ve be relegated to the moisturizer category.

No matter whether you try the same product as me or go with a different one, make sure you get help somewhere. You deserve a pain-free existence, which is what I’ve been able to achieve thanks to several different CBD products.


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