The 2 Best CBD Oil Prices

Finding the best priced CBD oil is a misnomer. What if it doesn’t work? Would you still keep buying it just because it’s cheap? The real art is in finding the lowest priced oil that actually works, which is what I’ve done thanks to your help.

We take suggestions all the time from our readers and are constantly trying new oils and edibles. By doing this, I didn’t find some cheap-o oil that get’s the job done. I was able to find something relatively inexpensive that actually works wonderfully. There are more expensive oils on the market that didn’t work at all for me, so finding this company is a breath of much needed fresh air. I’ve been using their products for several months now and am enjoying getting the benefits of CBD at low prices.

pure science lab oil price

1. Pure Science Lab – $99.95 for 820mg ($0.12/mg)

Topping the list is a pack of two 410mg CBD paste applicators. The consistency is perfect. It’s thick enough to where you can easily administer your serving on your finger and put it under your tongue. I had trouble administering other oils because they were so runny. We put them in the fridge and they were still runny. Eventually I just had to try to look a the number in the mirror and squirt it directly under my tongue. But with this thicker oil paste, you won’t have to commit to circus like acts just to get your serving. It’s far from runny and pushes out the syringe with ease.

The lab results are awesome, showing 41% CBD by volume and the purity we’ve come to expect from any legitimate company. The oil is organic, which means it’s not laden with any harmful pesticides, herbicides, or growth hormones. The hemp plants must have been cultivated by masterful growers, which is the only way you can get oil that tests at 41% CBD.

The best part is, this CBD oil simply works and has been getting good reviews. It does a fantastic job on my pain and is my go to oil. I’ve tried many products, but none of them can match the potency and effectiveness of this oil. The low price is another bonus. If you are willing to spend $190, you can get 2,050 mg of CBD which comes out to only $0.09/mg. That’s a steal! It gets even cheaper as you make bigger orders which is fantastic for anyone who uses as much CBD as me.

This oil is sold exclusively at

elixinol x pen price

2. Elixinol – $129.00 for 1,000mg ($0.13/mg)

Next on our list is a company that sells a 1,000mg CBD paste for $129. It’s the only size they offer, so you won’t be able to get a discount for buying in bulk like with Pure Science Lab. Even without the bulk options, $0.13/mg is still a darn good price. Their hemp plants are also cultivated organically, which is mandatory to make it into my CBD bin. Being pesticide and herbicide free is a must since we have no clue of the ramifications of inundating our bodies with these harmful chemicals.

Elixinol’s oil is much darker than Pure Science Labs, which does confuse me a bit. It’s extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction, which is the same method. Usually darker oils are made via the Rick Simpson method, which involves toxic solvents. I believe that they use CO2 extraction, but I’m curious as to how their oil gets such a dark color. Maybe it’s from a small nuance in their production process. Who knows. But what I do know is their oil works.

It comes in a cool little high-tech pen applicator. Every time you push down it squirts out 15mg of CBD. That’s wonderful because you don’t have to measure it, but the downside is you can’t measure a different size dose. You have to serve yourself in 15mg increments. If 15mg is not enough, then you have to bump up to 30mg. If your dose is 15mg exactly, then this would be the perfect pen for you, taking all the guess work out of measuring.

You you can order the X-Pen at

In Conclusion

You can’t go wrong with either one of these companies. It really comes down to which oil works best for you and suits your situation the best. If you use 20mg servings, Pure Science Lab is the best for you. But if 15mg is your ideal serving, Elixinol would make your life more convenient.

It’s not a bad idea to try both, finances permitting, because all of our bodies are unique and react to different oils in unique ways. Both of these companies post their test results so you can rest assured that they are serving your needs with legitimate oil. That is a huge concern in this industry, as some companies refuse to make their test results public.

My personal favorite company is Pure Science for many reasons. First and foremost, I love their oil. It is the strongest oil I’ve come across and it does a fantastic job on my pain. Secondly, their product selection is amazing. It allows you to be able to shop at one store instead of having to place orders on several different website, entering your sensitive information over and over again. Their vape cartridge is excellent and tastes great, their tincture is very good, and their gummy worms are my favorite CBD product, hands down. The taste and effectiveness are simply amazing.

That’s why I give Pure Science the edge over Elixinol. They both have good products, but Pure Science Lab’s selection is awesome and their pricing is slightly better.

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  • August 4, 2017
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