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Florida is home to a lot of great businesses, so it comes as no surprise that one of the best cannabidiol oil companies is based in the sunshine state. Why wouldn’t a company want to call this state home? You get tax benefits that other states don’t offer and it’s a state with a massive health conscious populations.

I love living here and the people here, for the most part, are fantastic. You have your lunatics everywhere, so we’ll give them a pass. It’s nice to be able to patronize a local company and keep the money within state lines. It’s good for the local economy. It’s even better when they have one of the best products across the nation, literally.

Strong Long Lasting Effects

strong effectsA little known company is a producer of one of the nations strongest CBD oils. Their test results regularly show upwards of 40% CBD by volume. Other companies are dilly dallying in the 20% range but not this local powerhouse.

Their extraction methods and organic hemp combine to make one of the purest oils on the market. Not only is it pure, but it produces strong and very long lasting effects. How do I know, because I patronize them. They are my main shop. I try other brands just to test the waters, but I’m very happy with their products. The price is a steal and strength is second to none.

Click here to visit Pure Science Lab’s website if you want to get a bargain on some very strong CBD oil.

Amazing Edibles

While Pure Science Lab┬ástands out because of the strength of their pure CBD oil, their edibles are actually their most popular product. If you don’t like the taste of the oil, then you’d be better off buying their gummy worms. They’re easy to eat, almost too easy to where you might find yourself eating more than you need. I used to do that with my Flintstones vitamins as a kid, but these taste way better. It takes a little discipline to use the gummies, but at least you won’t harm anything buy your wallet by eating more than you need.

cbd gummy wormsThey have other edibles too, including granola and other types of gummies but the gummy worms are my favorite. They’re nostalgic yet beneficial. I hadn’t had candy like that in years before trying the edibles. They bring back some of the pleasant feelings from childhood, yet make me feel like a responsible citizen for using natural supplements and supporting a local business. It’s a true case of the best of both worlds.

Feel Good About Buying Within State Lines

More Political Clout

In this industry, the government can be very sneaky. When you support businesses within your state, you’re helping to strengthen their political power. This in turns helps to keep CBD legal in Florida. When you patronize a company that’s out of state, you’re helping to keep it legal in that state. Helping another state is nice and all, but we can’t forget about our own beautiful state and citizens.

It’s always good to have a powerhouse within your state. In fact, it’s absolutely necessary at times. Without one, all you can do is try to make your voice heard when political issues arise, but I don’t always feel heard. Politicians listen more to businesses than your average Jane. It’s the sad truth that we all have to live with until we decide to change the system. Until then, we must support our stateside allies.

Faster Shipping

We can’t forget shipping speed. With dietary supplements, ordering from a stateside shop can be the difference between having to go a day without and having it arrive just on time. We all do it from time to time. We forget a postal holiday is coming up or just plain forget to order some more. It happens.

In these cases, it’s so nice to have a local retailer. It sure beats having to pay $20-$30 to overnight a package. Depending on where you live, the package might not arrive in one day. But if you live pretty close, you basically get free overnight shipping. I live close enough to where my packages arrive in one day. In fact, I only live about 45 minutes from their lab. If you live anywhere in South Florida, you might be able to enjoy the same benefit.

Strengthen Local Economy

florida mapKeeping your dollars within the state helps to keep your money circulating in Florida. Even if their in a different city, it still strengthens the state economy. The owners of the business will spend more money locally, increasing state tax revenue at no cost to you. They will also patronize more Florida shops both online and offline, further strengthening the economy.

The whole state benefits when we concentrate our buying power within the region. Floating your dollars to another state doesn’t do much for us at all.

More Local Jobs

Of course, as our local companies grow they will need more staff to serve our needs. It’s just the nature of business. This creates brand spankin’ new jobs and it’s not destroying old jobs. These are the best kind of jobs to create, and we create them. We decide which company gets to expand by where we spend our hard-earned cash. We can create new jobs in another state, or do it right here. I’m proud to be a Floridian and I like spreading the love right here at home.

New jobs equal less people on the street, more tax revenue, and less of a need to raise taxes on our everyday purchases. The benefits always circle back to us, although sometimes they’re not as obvious to see.

A Little Innovative Secret

pure science lab logoI reached out to the good folks over at Pure Science Lab and they have some plans up their sleeve to bring more innovative products to the industry. They’ve already revolutionized the industry with their wildly popular gummies. That’s their number one product because it tastes amazing and actually works. But they’re not stopping there. They’ve been reinvesting their profits into bringing you more innovative ways to easily get you daily servings of CBD.

I love it when innovation comes out of our territory! We have tons of brilliant, talented, and creative minds right here at home. Supporting them is something I take pride in as a Floridian.

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bless you with regard to this article. ive really been looking for a good florida CBD company for sum time now. thanks

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