The 3 Best CBD Oil Brands of 2018

It seems like there are new CBD oil companies popping up every other week.

which is itWith a heavier focus on marketing than their product, they do a good job of taking advantage on unsuspecting people. People new to CBD approach the market with an innocent-until-proven-guilty attitude, which can backfire in this market.

I could easily go on for days about all of the “bad guys” in the CBD industry, but that’s not the point of this article. The purpose of this article is to highlight the good guys and gals so you can find a legitimate source for your CBD. Finding real cannabidiol products can be life altering, and it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly. When analyzing companies, I always try to see through the company’s marketing to cut through the fluff. At the end of the day, the only way to tell a good product from a bad one is to try it. And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

I paid for all of the products below with my own money.

Top CBD Companies

These are my favorite CBD oil brands so far in 2017. This list can change if any company starts slacking off. I use CBD oil daily so I stay on top of it and will keep this article updated.

1. Pure Science Lab

One of my favorite things about Pure Science Lab is that they plaster their test results right at the top of their homepage. They’re really proud of their test results and want to show you exactly what kind of CBD oil you’ll be getting. They have the strongest pure CBD oil on the market, testing north of 40% CBD by volume.

good vibes gummiesMy favorite products from Pure Science are their gummies and their organic oil extract. If I’m going to be buying edible or a syringe, I’m buying it from them nine out of ten times. Their gummies are the most delicious and effective gummies I’ve ever tried. You cannot taste the CBD oil in them at all. This is probably because their gummies are pretty big. The worms are twice the size of a normal gummy worm.

Their pure CBD oil extract is my favorite because it’s super effective for my chronic back, neck, and knee pain. I also like the fact that it’s very reasonably priced and gets cheaper as you buy more. Some companies don’t offer discounts for larger purchases which can be a bummer. Lastly, it’s way easier to use than other oils. It’s a thicker oil, more like a paste, so it stays on your finger easily.┬áIf you get the oral applicator, don’t take the sticker off. I took it off once and the numbers and lines marking the measurements started rubbing off.

cbd concentrateThe other good thing about Pure Science Lab is that they have a wide variety of products. They have everything from vape pens, pomegranate tea, and capsules to isolate, tincture, and granola bites. They’re truly a one-stop shop. I’ve tried several other products from them as well. Put it this way, I’ve never tried a product from them that didn’t work, which is a testament to the strength of their oil. That’s why they’re my favorite CBD company.

Click here to visit Pure Science Lab.


  • Great pricing.
  • Strong and effective oil.
  • Wide variety of products.
  • Public third-party test results.


  • Clunky website.
  • Numbers can rub off oral applicator.
  • Ugly product listings.

2. Vape Bright

One of the best in the business, Vape Bright is definitely a top-tier CBD company. They’re a specialty company, only carrying one product line. The only product they produce is a 200mg CBD vape cartridge kit. It’s a damn-good vape, quickly relieving my pain.

vape bright thrive cartridgeI’ve tried many vape cartridges, and some of them are chunky and have bubbles. I found myself opening cartridges up, trying to mix the oil and get rid of the bubbles. With Vape Bright, I’ve never had to do such nonsense. Their oil is smooth and fluid, one color the whole way through. No chunks, no bubbles, no frills. It has a good taste to it as well and goes down smoothly.

This is one of my favorite CBD products period, and it gets the job done fast. This is my go-to product for fast pain relief, especially when I wake up with more pain than usual.

Click here to visit Vape Bright.


  • Relieve my pain fast.
  • Lab results public.
  • Discounts on bigger orders.
  • 10% off coupon: CBDVAPELIFE


  • Only sells one product.

3. Elixinol

Elixinol is a solid company with legitimate products. My favorite products from them are their tincture, vape juice, and X-pen.

elixinol cinnamint dropsI like the tincture because it’s very reasonably priced and effective. It’s one of the best priced tinctures on the market. The first one I tried was a flavor called Cinnamint. I’m not a big fan of cinnamon or mint, so I don’t know what I was thinking. I had never tried a flavored CBD product before, so I guess I just wanted to try something different. Well, I gagged after trying it. Their tincture is extracted with coconut oil, so it had a flavor or coconutty cinnamon with the cold feeling of mint. Yeah, not my cup of tea.

Even though I didn’t care for the flavor, I can’t deny the effects of the CBD. That disgusting little bottle did a great job on my pain, which led to me trying other Elixinol products. I find their vape juice very affordable compared to other similar products on the market. CBD vape juice is a big cash grab market where I see a lot of horribly priced and ineffective items. Their X-pen oral applicator is also cool because it squirts out 15mg of CBD with the push of a button. Elixinol also donates 5% of every purchase to charity, which shows you their heart is in the right place.

Click here to visit Elixinol.


  • Donates to charity
  • Effective products
  • Flavored or unflavored
  • Offers vape juice
  • 10% off coupon: 10OFF480


  • Can only take oral applicator in 15mg increments.
  • Some flavors are gross (personal opinion).


These are my three favorite CBD companies right this very second. That can change if any of them start producing bad batches. If it does change, I will update this article. Whichever company you decide to try, I wish you the best. Even if you try one that’s not on this list, be sure to get some amazing CBD somewhere. Don’t settle for mediocre products.

pure cbd extractIf I could only have one CBD product for the rest of my life, I’d probably pick the Pure Science Lab oral applicator. Even though I love edibles to death, the 40% CBD by volume extract is just fantastic. It’s cheaper than the edibles which make it more practical if you’re on a budget. If money were of no concern, sure I’d go with the edibles. But all things considered, the organic CBD oil extract is the best bang for your buck. Click here to view Pure Science Lab’s oral CBD applicator.

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Jeanette - April 29, 2018 Reply

Can Texas residents legally purchase your products ?

    Gary - April 30, 2018 Reply

    To the best of my knowledge, yes.

Just J - February 21, 2018 Reply

What do you recommend for someone to just try? Im having a hard time spending $40 on a bottle that Im not sure is going to work.

    Gary - February 21, 2018 Reply

    Elixinol has a really affordable tincture. I believe it’s $30 for a bottle and they offer a 10% off coupon (10OFF480). Good luck to you!

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