CBD May Protect Your Brain From Alcohol Induced Neurodegeneration

cbd neuroprotectionHave you ever had one, or a few too many drinks? I’ve been there too many times to count, especially in my college days. Back then, I was blissfully ignorant to the long term effects of one of America’s favorite drugs. Alcohol is definitely a drug, even though we don’t treat it like one.

After getting a little older, I was curious as to why I would act so stupid when I was drunk. That’s when I did all of 1 hour of research and found out what was really going on in my brain. Long story short, abusing alcohol over long long periods of time can cause neurodegeneration and cognitive disorders.

CBD May Be Able To Help Protect Your Nerves

In the Elsevier journal, a study was published that tested how CBD can affect alcohol-induced neurodegeneration. This study was conducted on mice using alcohol and CBD.

They gave the mice doses of alcohol and varying doses of CBD and analyzed the effects. They used several different methods of delivery and concentrations of CBD. The two methods of delivery were transdermal administration and intraperitoneal injection. The strength of the CBD gel varied between 1% and 5% and the injection dosage was 40.0 mg/kg/day. The results of the study were very interesting.

The 2.5% transdermal gel reduced neurodegeneration by 56.1%. The 5% gel reduced it by 48.8%. The intraperitoneal injection reduced neurodegeneration by 50.6%. The method used to deliver the CBD seems to not be as important as making sure you get some in your system. This is just one study and I would like to see more done on the neuroprotective effects of CBD. The results from this study look promising.

How Alcohol Affects Your Brain

dont do drugsI didn’t know what the feelings of drunk or tipsy meant physiologically. All I knew was that I felt good and uninhibited. So I drank my problems away and felt courageous when under the influence.

The reason we feel uninhibited when drinking alcohol is because our intelligence is inhibited in a literal sense. Alcohol works by inhibiting the communication between the nerve cells in our brains and spinal region. Any thoughts pulsing through your nervous system to not do something dumb can easily get blocked or slowed down by the alcohol in your brain.

This is why someone’s speech may slur or they become uncoordinated when drunk. It also contributes to the poor judgment displayed by drunk people all across the country.

Our frontal lobes are what make us different from animals. We can use it to think before we act, and aren’t usually the victims of our urges. When under the influence of alcohol, our frontal lobes become impaired. This is why people often make horrible decisions when drunk. Relationships are often ruined when one partner is drunk and follows their uninhibited urges due to alcohol toxicity in the brain.

I didn’t know this was what it meant to be tipsy or drunk, and I have definitely followed my urges a little too much when in that drunken state. Raw passion and emotion have ruled my every move many a nights, which I have regretted. The sad part is, thought of how alcohol affected my body physiologically never crossed my mind. Come to find out, I was putting a poison into my body so I would feel so inhibited by the pressure of my life at the time. Genius solution let me tell you.

Long Term Effects

Drinking alcohol in excess over long periods of time can lead to a host of unwanted side effects. The damaging effects alcohol has on your body can often time be irreversible. Your brain and nervous system take a beating when you drink in excess.

This can lead do the degeneration of specific regions of your brain and nervous system. These conditions are irreversible and cal lead to life-altering diseases. I know an alcoholic who currently has dementia and is in a retirement home at the age of 66, unable to care for himself. I can’t say if the alcohol caused his dementia, but I can say it didn’t help prevent it at all. Abusing alcohol for decades can definitely lead to dementia and a number of other cognitive disorders (1).

If you routinely drink enough alcohol that yous start experiencing memory loss, slowed mental speed, hangovers, loss of coordination, and blackouts, you’re putting your body at risk to long term, irreversible side effects.



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