Which CBD Oil Is Best For Chronic Back Pain

A Little More On My Back Story

Chronic back pain is something I know all too well. It has altered everything in my life from the activities I can do all the way to how I view myself.

cbd back painIt was a tough pill to swallow because I always thought of myself as an athletic tough guy and played football in college. I resisted viewing myself as a guy with chronic pain for 1.5 yrs. I was working in corporate America at the time, and I sat in a desk all day for my job. I was in a ridiculous amount of pain but didn’t tell anyone. Everyday I would sit in that chair for 9 hours (lunch at my desk), suffering. I would squiggle and squirm, trying to find some sort of relief. None of it worked but moving a little bit felt better than sitting still but it all hurt like heck.

I would go home and roll my back out with a foam roller which provided all of 10 seconds of relief. Then I would lay flat on my back on the floor and put my feet on the couch, bending my knees at a 90° angle. I read in Tim Ferris’s book, The 4-Hour Body, that the posture can help relieve serious chronic back pain. I don’t know if I was messing it up somehow but it didn’t work very well for me, It was a comfortable position to be in, but when I got up I was in just as much pain.

After trying all kind of natural remedies to no avail, eventually I couldn’t take it anymore. It literally felt like I was sitting on my spine. That’s when I finally said something to the manager. He ordered a new chair for me, which helped a little bit but didn’t completely take care of the problem. Three months later…I quit my job.

Enter CBD

I know it’s not good to dwell on the past, but sometimes I can’t help buy think of how differently my life would be had I found CBD oil earlier. Would I have stayed at my cushy corporate job or would I have worked my way into a better offer with a different company? All things happen for a reason or what not so I guess I’m right where I need to be, contributing to a blog that can help people who have a similar situation as me.

I’ve tried a lot of CBD products and a lot of them aren’t worth the cost of shipping, let alone the hefty price tag that some companies charge. Finding the right CBD oil for me was an expensive process that took a lot of patience and money that I couldn’t afford to spend. I had to make a lot of cutbacks, juggle bills, and say goodbye to some of my favorite things like going out to eat.

But in the end, it was all worth it. What CBD has done in my life is nothing short of incredible. If I hadn’t read so much research on the benefits of cannabidiol, I would ignorantly say it was a miracle. It’s not a miracle, it’s science. The research has shown that CBD works with your body to help it heal itself from certain conditions and provide pain relief from others. The results may be miraculous but it’s no miracle at all, simply science.

Shifting My Identity

Secret THC NinjaWhen I look at old pictures of the guy who was always in pain, I don’t recognize him. He looks sorta like me, but he never seems to have a genuine smile and looks a little agitated all of the time. I don’t identify with that person anymore, and no longer have the self-image of a chronic back pain sufferer.

Now my self-image is of someone who can do anything without limitation. I’m a human being, not a chronic pain sufferer. There’s a big difference between the two. The truth is, we’re all human beings and that should be our identity. But in reality, we often identify ourselves by our imitations, achievements, or physical characteristics.

When I was in pain all of the time, I never said I was a guy who happened to deal with chronic pain. I used to say, “my back pain” and things of that nature. I used to claim it as my own, like it was a part of me. It was a depressing place to be, and I often had mountainous mood swings and struggled with depression. After finding out about CBD, it gave me hope. I went on a rampage to find a legitimate source and eventually did. Looking back on my journey, I realize my self-image started to change the moment I decided that I was going to find a good source of CBD.

It was that decision that declared my independence from the life of chronic pain I was living. That decision signaled to my brain that I was not my chronic back pain. I was independent of it, and it was not a permanent part of my life experience. It was a huge decision that changed the trajectory of my life forevermore.

The Oil That Changed Everything

10ml 4100mg cbd oilThe oil that gave me my life back is the organic European CBD oil from a small company named, Pure Science Lab. They’re a boutique company that truly has mastered the art of sourcing and extracting strong cannabidiol and cannabinoid-rich oil. I am forever grateful for their existence and will be a CBD evangelist forever.

The way CBD has been able to consistently melt away my back pain has allowed me to forget how bad it once was. With my new identity, I am my old self again. I can do things that I never thought I would be able to do again, like sit in a stadium seat for the length of a full game without a tinge of discomfort. It’s the little things that I used to take for granted that I have come to really appreciate in life. After going through a multi-year struggle, where even sitting down was painful, my perspective will never be the same.

If you are in a similar situation as the one I was in, I truly feel for you. I’ve been through it and would never wish it on anyone. I sincerely hope that CBD can do for you what it has done for me. It would be irresponsible of me to guarantee that it will dissipate your pain and get your hopes up, but I would say there’s a good chance of that. And an even better chance of, at the very least, bringing it down to a manageable level.

After getting mine down to a managable level, I increased the serving which took care of the rest. The only way to find out is to try CBD for yourself. It’s relatively inexpensive, about the price of 1-month of cable. It’s a low risk investment that could pay you back with a higher quality of life.

Click here to try the CBD oil that changed my life. I sincerely hope you have similar results.

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