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Shots Fired! The FDA Isn’t Messing Around

Selling CBD oil that doesn’t have the proclaimed amount of CBD is all too common. It’s akin to selling snake oil, and is really hurting the CBD industry. I’ve been a victim of such marketing myself. I’ll admit it. I’ve even bought products that were branded as CBD products but the supplement facts said 1mg […]

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Hemp Wick Lighter vs Butane

hemp wick

People have been getting baked for a very long time. In fact, the ritual of smoking has been going on for at least 5,000 years (1). And since then, it has become a part of our daily lives due to the the amazing benefits we’ve uncovered. Even though many ancient civilizations knew about the benefits […]

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Hilarious Diamond CBD Review and Coupon Code

hilarious diamond CBD review

The coupon code CBD20 is available on their website for anyone to use. If you just came for the discount, goodbye, but know you’re going to miss out on the good stuff. Now on to the review for all the smart people. One of the most popular companies in this industry is Diamond CBD. Their […]

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Can You Get High From Using CBD?

high effect

Worrying about getting high from cannabis products is a legitimate concern and it can happen. I’ve come across thousands of people who were worried about it; it’s totally normal and actually smart to dig into these products a little more. When we hear the word “cannabis,” our minds immediately revert to images from the smear […]

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My Unfiltered Thoughts On Cannabis

I’ve been thinking thoughts that I’ve been scared to share online for a long time now. Fear is the main reason I haven’t aired my thoughts out, even though that’s the main purpose blogs serve. They allow everyday people to air their thoughts out. When I let fear stop me from exercising my right to […]

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3 Ways To Cheat A Drug Test in 2017

Not passing a drug test is something that can ruin your life. Seriously, some people’s careers depend on passing a drug test and a failed test could cost them tens of thousands of dollars in lost wages. According to Quest Diagnostics, 4.2% of the workforce failed drug screenings in 2016 (1). That turns out to […]

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How Does CBD Make You Feel

The reported effects of CBD are different from person to person. Your body is unique and it will feel different than mine does. However, the research supports several outcomes that thousands of people have come to expect. For me personally, the melting away of my pain is the most beneficial feeling I get from CBD. […]

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Legal CBD Edibles Review

strawberry cbd gummy

The legal CBD market is in the crapper. So many companies are taking advantage of customers due to the confusion between all the different kinds of cannabis oils. I’ve seen everything from people getting high unexpectedly from their CBD oil, to people being sold a bottle of nearly useless oily stuff. The consequences of both […]

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Why Cannabis Is My Passion

People have become increasingly quick to judge and slow to love. When you share with someone that you use cannabis, brace yourself for their reaction. Try to look at their facial expression when you first tell them. Our body language gives away our true thoughts and emotions. We can’t fake the minutia of body language. […]

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