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New Study Links THC To Reducing Risk of Stroke

stroke map

The US has a Stroke problem, that’s no secret. Strokes claim about 384 lives per day in the states with tons more people having them (1). Roughly 2,178 people per day have a stroke. It comes as no surprise that this is the third leading cause of death in America, and rates in the south […]

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FDA Slowly Falling In Love With CBD?

fda called cbd beneficial

The whole world stopped spinning and turned upside down for a few seconds. During the time the world was upside down, the FDA put out a notice that said something good about CBD. When I first heard the news, I didn’t believe it. I thought it was one of those fake news articles. I didn’t […]

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Study Finds CBD Increases In Vapor

I was reading a study and a couple things stood out to me as super interesting. The purpose of the study was to analyze the CB1 binding activity and the vapor and smoke from Cannabis Sativa L. On the surface, this sounds like a boring study and one that most people would skip over. The […]

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