How to Read CBD Lab Results

microbiological recommendation

We all know that we should I only buy lab tested CBD oil, but being able to read the results is another story. If you’re anything like me, you look for the percentage of CBD, THC, and call it a day. That’s all I used to care about. I just assumed that if it was […]

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How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work

There’s only one way to know for sure how long it takes for a particular type of CBD to kick in, try it. There are a lot of factors that determine when you will feel the effects. However, there are some general guidelines that will give you a good estimate on what to expect. Just […]

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Which CBD Oil Is Best For Chronic Back Pain

820mg pure cbd oil

30-pack of edibles 4 or 10-pack edibles 1g Organic European Oil Great Vape Kit A Little More On My Back Story Chronic back pain is something I know all too well. It has altered everything in my life from the activities I can do all the way to how I view myself. It was a […]

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2 Best CBD Oil Company In Florida

strong effects

Florida is home to a lot of great businesses, so it comes as no surprise that one of the best cannabidiol oil companies is based in the sunshine state. Why wouldn’t a company want to call this state home? You get tax benefits that other states don’t offer and it’s a state with a massive […]

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Best CBD Oil For Anxiety That Actually Works

cbd anxiety study results

You know the feeling when something doesn’t feel right but you can pinpoint what it is? Yeah, me too and I hate it. That’s what anxiety feels like for me. Everything can be just fine, but then it’s not. I feel anxious and just want to be in the comfort of my home. Talking to […]

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Hemp Seed Oil Is Not CBD Oil

hemp seed oil vs cbd oil

The confusion is causing a commotion in the industry. Many people are mistaking hemp oil for CBD oil. It’s not completely their fault though. Sometimes these products are terribly mis-marketed. Right now, I’m staring at a bottle of oil that only has 1mg of CBD (cannabidiol) per serving. A serving is two squirts under the […]

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1 Pure Science Lab Review

pure science lab logo

If you’re wondering what’s the deal with a lab purporting to have some of the strongest CBD on the market, you’re not alone. You’re probably used to everyone claiming to be the best at what they do. It’s a pretty standard marketing pitch. I’ve yet to see a company claim to be the second best […]

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Best Quality One Hitter Dugout Pipe

wooden dugout

Every real stoner needs a way to keep their weed discretely stored and easily accessible while on the go. Sometimes it’s not even a matter of discretion, but you still need a reliable and convenient container for storing your bud. Whether you need convenience, discretion, easy access, or all of the above, a dugout is […]

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Water Soluble CBD Is All The Rage

If you’ve heard of CBD oil that is water soluble, you’ve heard wrong. There are CBD products that will dissolve in water, however they’re not oil based. A lot of internet know-it-alls have been dishing out misinformation on this topic. I want to put this nonsense to bed once and for all. Let me explain […]

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5 Well Researched Benefits of CBD Oil

pain relief cbd

Cannabis has been called the most medicinal plant in the world for a long time. The number of people who have reported relief from varying conditions is mind boggling. How can one plant help with so many different ailments? Well, cannabis has over 480 naturally occurring units of which 66 are exclusive to the cannabis […]

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