Top CBD Oils For Pain Relief in 2018

I spent the better half of 2018 searching for the best CBD oil for my chronic pain. I’m an avid marijuana smoker but admittedly, I’m not the most productive during working hours when using marijuana. That’s why I turned to CBD. Now, CBD products may be similar to marijuana since it comes from hemp, but the feeling after using CBD is vastly different. You won’t be high at all, as long as the product was derived from hemp. I only cover hemp-derived products on this website, so you won’t get high from any product you see on this site. Now, let’s get into my favorite CBD products.

My Personal Favorite CBD Company

good vibes gummiesWhen trying various products, I’ve noticed that the products from a company have a similar quality and price range. So instead of taking up all the space on this list with one companies products, I’d rather talk about several companies and their products.

Taking the top spot on the list is my favorite CBD company, Pure Science Lab. I like their products because, most importantly, they work. They’re strong and effective. Price wise, they’re actually one of the most affordable companies I’ve found. The most important thing is the quality and effectiveness of the oil, but price is a big deal for me too. They’re oil is lab tested and is usually around 40% CBD by volume. Unfortunately, they don’t offer coupons to first time customers. Their prices are already pretty reasonable, but they do give out time sensitive coupons to their email list occasionally. Be sure to sign up should you make a purchase.

Now on to the products that I’ve tried from them.

CBD Infused Gummeis (450 mg CBD)

The Good Vibes CBD Gummies from Pure Science Lab are my favorite CBD product in general. They’re not the most cost effective, so they’re not my go-to product. For edibles, they’re priced great. I’ve paid 4x as much for edibles that weren’t as good. But it’s cheaper to buy pure extract or tinctures. Nonetheless, they’re mighty effective and beyond delicious. If you’re made of money, then this could be your go-to product. If not, then I’d recommend buying a more cost effective product.

1g CBD Oil Extract (410 mg CBD)

cbd concentrateThe pure extract oral applicator is a great option. It’s strong, effective, and cost-effective. It is one of my go-to products. When you buy more than one applicator, it gets even cheaper. The main caveat to this product is administering it. While it’s easier to administer than most oral applicators, it still could be difficult depending on your motor skills. I keep mine in the fridge, and sometimes the cap is hard to get off. I’ve learned not to tighten the cap too much. By capping it loosely, it makes it easier to unscrew.

The thing that makes this oral applicator easier than most others is the consistency of the oil. The oil is thick like a paste. Since the oil is thick, it’s easy to squeeze a little on your finger then put it under your tongue. Some companies have runny oil which is impossible to squeeze on your finger. If the company has runny oil, you have to squeeze it directly under your tongue or have someone squeeze it under your tongue for you.

Overall, the consistency of the extract makes it easier to administer, it’s very effective, and the price is great. This product would make a great addition to your daily regimen.

Vape Cartridge (200 mg CBD)

The vape cartridges from Pure Science lab are excellent. They’re super cost-effective and work nearly instantly. I like vaping CBD because of the fast onset time and the ease of administration. They’re pretty simple to use. All you have to do is take a few draws from the vape and carry on. The device is small and portable and comes with a carrying case. It’s easy to use on the go unlike other products. If you’re into vaping or would like a product that kicks in fast, this is it.

Update: They no longer sell vape cartridges due to credit card processing issues.

A Great CBD Vape Company

vape bright thrive cartridgeSince Pure Science Lab doesn’t sell vaporizers anymore, I had to find another one. I love CBD vape cartridges because they’re so fast-acting. They’re great for morning when I need fast relief and awesome when I’m mobile all day. My go-to vape cartridge is the Thrive cartridge from Vape Bright. I like this cartridge because it’s strong and kicks in fast, as it should. They’re cartridges are lab tested as well. Lab testing is a must in this industry.

What I like most about Vape Bright is that they specialize in vape products. In fact (at the time of this writing) they only sell one CBD product, vape cartridges. Given that their entire company is focused and centered around one product, you would think it would be good. Well, it is good indeed. I’ve been very pleased with their cartridges and definitely recommend them.

Click here to get the excellent 200mg Thrive cartridge.


My Next Favorite Multi-Product Company

Next up on the list is an international company operating out of Colorado, Elixinol. I’ve only tried one of their products to date. If their other products are similar in quality to the tincture that I tried, then you’re in good hands. Their tincture is very reasonably priced and also effective. Side note, they had an epic Black Friday sale! For Black Friday, they had a BOGO sale which was so nice. When Black Friday rolls around again, be on the lookout in case they do the same sale (fingers crossed).

elixinol cbd tinctureI’ve tried both the Cinnamint flavored and the natural flavored tincture. To be honest, I though the cinnamint tincture tasted awful. I don’t really like cinnamon flavored things in general, so take that into consideration. I did eventually finish the cinnamint tincture when I was running low on funds. It was effective, but nasty. I let that tincture sit in the fridge for over a month before reluctantly finishing it. The natural flavored tincture tastes way better. It has a cannabis/herbal taste which I don’t mind at all. The natural flavored tincture can also be easily masked in a smoothie. I will definitely be trying more Elixinol products. I have my sights set on their X-pen but am nervous about coughing up the cash to try it.

Overall, I thought their tincture was really good and would definitely recommend it. Another good thing about Elixinol is that they offer a one-time coupon for new customers.

Coupon: 10OFF480

Click here to visit Elixinol!

Last But Not At All Least

They say the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Oddly enough, Discover CBD was the first CBD company I tried that had legitimate CBD products. I had tried three companies before them but didn’t feel any relief from their products. The only reason I kept trying products is because their is plenty of research stating that CBD works. And I learned that CBD does in fact work when I tried Discover CBD’s Active CBD Oil extract. It’s a 25% CBD by volume oral applicator. It’s not as strong as the 41% CBD applicator by Pure Science Lab, but it definitely. You just have to use more oil.

The consistency of Discover CBD’s oil is runny, which I’m not a big fan of. I put the oil in the fridge, hoping that it would solidify a little but it didn’t. It remained runny. Everything was going great until I shot a quarter of the oil in my mouth on accident. The good thing is, you can overdose on CBD. You can down a whole applicator and you shouldn’t feel any ill effects. The bad thing is, I wasted several servings by fumbling the administration. Squeezing oil in your mouth is a lot harder than squeezing it onto your finger. The way you hold the applicator to squirt it directly in your mouth gives you less control over it, making it easy to do what I did. That’s really the main caveat to this product.

The other caveat is the price. It’s not cheap, but it is effective. I would definitely recommend this product, but it’s not my top recommendation due to the price and the consistency.

Click here to visit Discover CBD.

Top CBD Oil For Pain Releif

  • 450 mg Good Vibes Gummies
  • PSL 1g Pure CBD Extract
  • 200 mg Thrive CBD Cartridge
  • 300 mg CBD Tincture
  • 25% Active CBD Oil Extract
  • Gary
  • January 23, 2018
  • CBD

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