Best CBD Oil For Anxiety That Actually Works

You know the feeling when something doesn’t feel right but you can pinpoint what it is? Yeah, me too and I hate it. That’s what anxiety feels like for me. Everything can be just fine, but then it’s not. I feel anxious and just want to be in the comfort of my home.

good pasteTalking to strangers is bothersome and I just look down at my pups when strangers walk by, hoping they don’t strike up a conversation. I get irritable when I’m anxious, and sometimes I even get weird thoughts. It’s painful in a mentally tortuous kind of way. It’s not like physical pain which is easy to identify what it is. Anxiety is like an unknown mental tormentor toying around with your psyche. You don’t know when it’s coming or where it comes from, but when it comes it comes with a vengeance.

The things I used to do in an effort to be anxiety free were nothing more than addictive habits that led to dependency. They’re not worth mentioning, or maybe I just shouldn’t because I’m not a doctor. Idk, but I do know there’s a better way. A natural way to help get those anxiety attacks under control.

Enter Anxiolytic Cannabidiol

Idk what I would do without CBD oil. It’s been nothing short of a life saver, maybe even literally. Anxiety and depression go hand and hand, and I have experienced them both. Dark times. But things have changed dramatically since finding a legitimate CBD supplier. I can’t stress the word legitimate enough. There are tons of fake oil peddlers, too many to count. They’re selling hemp seed oil and claiming that it’s CBD oil. Don’t fall for the gimmick.

It’s an easy sale for them because CBD is backed by tons of research, so people know it can help. As a matter a fact, let’s take a look at some of the research showing that it is a great dietary supplement for people with anxiety.

cbd anxiety study results“Clearly suggest an anxiolytic-like effect of CBD.” –  Elsevier Science

“Pretreatment with CBD significantly reduced anxiety.” – Nature Publishing Group

“Cannabidiol (CBD), a major constituent of cannabis, has anxiolytic properties.” – Atypon

“BNST is involved in the anxiolytic-like effects of CBD.” – Springer

Now that’s what I call serious scientific backing. CBD has the potential to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry if people only knew about it and where to get real products.

My Favorite CBD Oil

I’ve tested too many products to count, and the bulk of them were worthless. There are tons of companies taking advantage of people in need because they’re in a vulnerable position, but there are still a couple good ones out there. Let’s hope they don’t go out of business due to the influx of fakes getting a bunch of sales with their flashy marketing.

My favorite CBD oil comes right from Colorado, one of the most weed friendly states in the US. Colorado is weed friendly, which allows them to grow marijuana and hemp. I use CBD that is derived from hemp, and it doesn’t have enough THC to have an effect. The last test result showed less than 0.01% THC. That’s not enough to even trigger a drug test, let alone have a psychoactive effect.

The company I buy from sells 25% CBD by volume, full spectrum oil. It’s important to get the full spectrum of cannabinoids because it allows you to benefit from the entourage effect. The entourage effect helps the CBD to have stronger effects and last longer. It’s the difference between having an isolated compound and having it the way nature intended it to be. Of course, nutrients assimilate with the body better when they’re grouped with their natural phytonutrients. That’s one of the reason’s I buy this product.

The Other Reason

gold cbd oilIt works for me and that’s the bottom line. No matter what a company claims, if the product doesn’t work for me it’s going in the trash. Test results and bullet points mean very little when the product doesn’t provide any relief at all.

Just because it works for me doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. All of our bodies are different. But what it does mean is that the oil is legitimate and has a good chance of working for you too. I can’t promise you that it will, but I can promise you that it works for me. That I know for a fact.

I would encourage you to give it a try. It’s fairly inexpensive in the world of CBD and could help you live a better quality of life. That’s what it’s all about, using natures natural resources responsibly to live healthier and happier. That’s what CBD does for me.

My First Time

I didn’t know what to expect when I first tried it. Well, actually I should say when I first got my hands on some real CBD oil. My first time trying it, I didn’t feel anything. I went through the whole tube, steadily increasing the dose but didn’t feel a thing. I’m sorry, but if I don’t feel a thing at 50 mg, I’m declaring the company a fraud in my mind.

I knew that it was the company and not that CBD didn’t work for me. Well, technically I didn’t know that but that’s what I assumed because I had already done my research. The research convinced me that it could help me, even in my darkest times. So I kept trying different companies and eventually found the oil I take now.

When I first tried it, I was skeptical and for good reason. I had spent a lot of money on complete crap. Honestly, I was expecting more of the same but I held out hope like a little kid. So I tried it. I used a small serving and waited around in anticipation of a blissful moment when I would be able to bask in the glory of all that is CBD. Yeah, that moment never came. That’s not really how it works, at least not for me. But what did happen was still pretty awesome.

In disappointment, I decided to take my pups (still pups even though they’re 5 yrs old) out for a stroll since they were overdue. At the tail end of the walk, I felt a total sense of well-being slowly take over my body. It’s hard to describe because it was subtle, nothing like being high. I felt totally there cognitively and didn’t feel impaired at all. The best way to describe it is total calm, peace, and well-being. A feeling that everything is just fine and will continue to be alright. Pretty much the complete opposite of what I was used to.

My Non-Medical Advice

CBD is not medicine, it’s a dietary supplement and should be used accordingly. It’s not meant to replace your medication, but if that’s the route you choose be sure to consult with your physician first. Consulting with your doctor before trying any new supplement is always a good idea and I recommend it.

I suggest you start small and work your way up with the oil. Don’t slam a big serving because you read about it online. That could lead to a massive waste of money because half of that much could be enough for you. We’re all different and require different amount to feel the benefits. If you’re made of money, then sure do as you please. Most people are not, so it’s smart to keep tinkering until you find the perfect serving.

The good news is, you can’t take too much. There’s no such thing as a CBD overdose. It’s not that kind of supplement. So while it’s smart to proceed with caution and work your way up to the proper serving, it’s not like there will be an overdose if you don’t.

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