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marijuana peanut butter blossomsMedical marijuana is a topic that can cause a lot of debate, but the overwhelming scientific consensus has moved to the fact that this plant (despite its extremely questionable federal designation) has a boatload of positive medicinal benefits. In fact, nearly half of the states have legalized marijuana for medical use at this point. The question does come up, though, what version is better? Should you smoke the traditional way, or do edibles offer some serious advantage?

Basic Pros of Edibles

MMJ research is beginning to pile up. The naysayers, such as Sanjay Gupta, are rapidly being converted to evangelist. He even came out with a documentary about weed that shows how effective it can be in treating things like epilepsy. He used to be staunchly anti-cannabis, even for medical use. After going on a journey with people who are using it, you can’t help but become a supporter.

The studies have suggested that cannabis might be able to effectively treat:

  • Chronic pain
  • Pain caused by conditions like MS and Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Muscle spasms
  • Loss of appetite due to severe illness or treatment of said illness
  • A myriad of cancers
  • Tumors

That’s just a short list of treatments that medical cannabis in some shape or form has been shown to be of assistance. Outside of laboratory studies, other patients have reported that medical cannabis helped with strained eyesight, arthritic pain, and digestion issues and migraines.

In other words, there is no reasonable denial that marijuana has some impressive potential healing properties for a large number of different people.

Why It’s Better Than Smoking

There are many good reasons to go with the edible version over smoking. The first obvious one is that edibles are easier on the lungs. Since digestion is the course, the active ingredients stay in the blood and a patient’s systems a lot longer, giving them more benefit.

When it comes to certain types of anti-cancer properties or dealing with almost any digestive issues, taking the treatment as an edible actually has a much better direct effect than smoking ever would. This type of ingestion might even be prescribed by a doctor depending on what exactly needs to be treated.

Because of the wide range of foods and recipes that can effectively serve as edibles, this also gives the patient a wide selection of choices: something that can be an extremely helpful note when dealing with affected appetites.

Types of Edibles Available Now

Most people think of pot brownies or cookies when it comes to edibles, and both of those are legitimate options. They are some of the most popular choices because of how easy it is to add cannabis oil or actual marijuana into the batter and then make the goodies. However, these aren’t the only ways it can be put in edible form. There are many different recipes for edible marijuana goodies, and there are even creative examples of cannabis oil being used on pizza as yet another example of how many options there are.

Some edible recipes are a lot harder than others. I don’t think your average cannabis enthusiast is going to make marijuana-infused gummy worms every week, or even once. The candies are relatively hard to make. One of the best parts of consumables is the ease in which you can use them. Spending hours trying to make a small batch of treats is impractical for most people. These kinds of things are best left to the professionals. I’m so glad that the recreational and medical marijuana industry is growing by the day.

Nowadays, you can get edibles shipped to your door and have them within a week from the date you ordered. It has never been easier to get medicated gummies or lemonade. I’m so grateful that we can experience all of the pleasant effects and benefits of edibles from the comfort of our homes. So many people were missing out before, and you may have been one of them.


There are many benefits to going the edible route with medical marijuana treatments. In a lot of cases, there is a consensus that unless there’s a specific reason you don’t like edibles, this is often a preferred method of delivery compared to smoking. Tons of people prefer it because it’s not as obvious to outsiders that you’re under the influence of cannabis. Whether you’re under the influence of cannabis or not really shouldn’t matter, but our society is still very judgmental when it comes to natural plant-based solutions. Edibles also hold a distinct advantage regarding your health. They don’t have any negative effects on your lungs and provide more benefits than smoking. To be clear, I support both forms of marijuana use. I favor edibles for the reasons mentioned above, but I do hit the joint from time to time.

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  • February 24, 2016
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